5 Technology Trends That Will Shape the Way You Live in 2020

You are witnessing the birth of the next industrial revolution, and the evolution of technology is progressing much faster than it did before. Both companies and private individuals who aren’t trying to keep up with the most prominent tech trends will get left behind. Understanding the latest tech lets you prepare for what’s ahead and have a better grasp of potential opportunities.

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Here are the trends everyone should look out for this 2020.

1.Companies Explore AI Tech to Streamline Their Operations in Improving Customer Service

AI is steadily becoming the biggest technology to hold the most potential. Major companies are exploring the use of AI to improve their business. This rapid adoption is going to continue in 2020.

Even though deploying new AI-based systems can be expensive, the benefits far outweigh the costs. One can predict that more businesses will employ AI application providers to improve their algorithms and resource computations.

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2.Multiport Adapters Are Becoming More Popular as PC and Laptop Manufacturers Continue to Adopt USB-C Ports

Although it promises a better experience, the current state of USB Type-C is pretty undesirable. New laptop and PC models that forgo older connection types in favor of the newer Type-Cs make it hard for every user to connect their older devices.

People with the latest tech will no longer be able to use their usual ports like HDMI, Ethernet, SD and MicroSD, headphone jacks, and the regular USB, unless they get a USB-C hub. These devices allow people who own USB-C gadgets to use them at their full potential.

3.Extended Reality: Combining the Power of AR and VR

Extended reality (also known as XR) is a term that covers quite a wide array of technologies, which are all dedicated to improving the immersion of digital experiences. To be more specific, XR covers everything under mixed, augmented, and virtual reality. People have already seen this technology being used in recent years, but it’s used primarily in the entertainment sector. Devices like Vive and Oculus Rift provide a whole new level of immersion for video games.

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Augmented reality, on the other hand, has seen great strides in the mobile-phone industry, with related smartphone features and games, like the popular Pokémon GO, slowly dominating the platform.

One should expect this trend to continue this 2020, with more and more businesses seeing the potential possibilities of XR. This tech can provide other uses apart from entertainment, such as simulation and training functions.

4.The Rise of New Vehicular Tech: Automated Cars, Bike Power Meters, and More

The world may not be at the stage where everyone can routinely travel around using fully autonomous vehicles, but things are certainly heading toward that direction. For example, Tesla head Elon Musk shares his expectations of his company being able to develop a completely autonomous car before 2020 ends. This involves automatic lane changing and braking. This trend is even seen in public transportation, where companies like Waymo use an autonomous system for its taxi service. 

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In related news, tech developers are looking for new ways to improve health and fitness routines. Activity trackers like Fitbit and Samsung Galaxy Fit are used as part of an exercise regime. Meanwhile, if you want to gauge your performance on the road, consider buying a power meter. The device aims to give riders an accurate measurement of their progress. New models are currently being developed to implement better features.

5.Predictive Technology Allows for More Accurate and Personalized Prescription of Medicine and Treatments

Predictive treatments, also called precision medicine, let doctors give better prescriptions and treatments based on a data-driven process. While not exactly a new technology, recent breakthroughs (more notably in the AI and genomics fields) are giving the medical sector a higher understanding of individual patients’ reactions to treatment and medicine. 

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As 2020 moves along, you will most likely witness new applications for this predictive health care. This technology allows the introduction of a personalized form of treatment that can help improve the outcomes of individual patients.

Final Word

As you witness the start of this new year, you get to see the opportunities that arise from the development of modern technologies. Whether you’re a consumer or a producer, you need to keep track of these developments if you want to take part in the potential advantages they can bring.

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