7 Innovative Ways to Stand Out At Your Next Trade Show

7 Innovative Ways to Stand Out At Your Next Trade Show

Having one disappointing trade show after the other? Not sure how to stand out from the multitude of competitors? Then you need not to worry! You have come to the right place. We are here to list 7 Innovative ways for you to stand out at your next trade show and make sure that you are getting the most out of your time, money and energy.

  • Start Early

Start earlier that you normally would. It is prudent that you start your preparations weeks earlier. Do you social media research, find out what sort of giveaways customers find more exciting. Do your promotions online; try to get your product out there before the actual trade show. 

  • Your give away should stand out

Cooperate give away items like pens, mugs, diaries are getting way out dated and let’s be honest; they bore customers now. In order to stand out you need to come up with some exciting ideas for your company give away. You can give away unusual items with your company’s logo on them. Things like headphones, small hourglasses, laptop skins or even items like a small game e.g. a Rubik’s cube etc. 

  • Make sure your booth turns heads

One sure way to attract a good crowd is to create a booth that stands out amongst the hundreds of other competitors present there. Investing in the services of a trade show exhibit design company will surely provide you with the competitive advantage you need to stand out. Make sure you consider this as an important part of your yearly marketing budget. If the trade show exhibit design company designs you something big and printable, you can save it for the next year exhibit as well. 

  • Make use of your “As seen on” features 

Your “as seen on” features are more important than you think, especially if your company or brand is featured or seen on multiple number of websites. Design a booth that displays this in ways that will attract the crowd to your booth. Try to make your booth the center of attention at the exhibit, remember the first rule of drawing in crowds is to make them curious. 

  • Create an Experience for your audience

While anyone can just talk and go on and on about their product features, making your audience involved by creating some sort of an experience for them will get them hooked on for longer and tug at their interest as well as curiosity. Make the experience memorable by having a small but meaningful prize at the end. This way you can make certain that people will participate. 

  • Use social media to your advantage

As mentioned earlier, you should be active on social media in order to promote your product/company. But this shouldn’t just stop at the promotion. Make sure you are active on social media throughout the event. Tweet all the way through the event. Come up with a creative and strategic social media campaign. Consistency is the key! Try to reach as many people as you, this will not only help get your brand out there but will also help your booth to stand out in the trade show. 

  • Arrange a follow up

While most brands only focus on the big show and go all out on the day of the trade show, you would do well by following up any leads and prioritize your post event actions. Take out time to create a proper follow up strategy and work on retaining any leads or potential clients. 

Set aside time for demos, demos are a crucial part of any marketing strategy. If your budget allows offer a free trial because let’s face it, who doesn’t like free stuff? Furthermore make sure that the content you are sharing is valuable and useful to the client. Offer your clients materials that resonate with their needs and interests. You don’t need to offer them a direct pitch but just show them enough of your product and its utilities that they think of you once they are ready to embark on a purchasing journey.


At the end of the day, there is never one solid formula or your trade show to be a complete winner. Since it is going to be a live event you can’t prepare or plan everything down to the t. Therefore it to wise to remain flexible, learn to go with the flow as well as adapt as the trends change.  Always keep in mind these trade shows exist entirely so that you can create a good relationship with potential customers. So think from a customer’s perspective, for someone who has hundreds of business to look at, what makes you company stand out? 

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