6 Furniture Ideas to Give Your Home a Makeover

All we need after a hard day’s work is to come home to a vibrant yet comfortable space, which can simply be created with the right furniture in the right spot. We usually prioritise cost over style when we buy furniture but there is a way to have both- just rent it! Renting furniture is not only cost efficient but also offers you an array of choices to create a vibrant and comfortable space. It gives you the choice to change your furniture when you need a change of style.

Many online websites all over the country offer cheap deals to rent furniture on a monthly basis or a yearly basis. For instance, to rent furniture in Bangalore or to rent furniture in Mumbai is extremely easy, cheap and convenient. Most websites have an excellent return policy and offer customers an array of choices.

Here are a few furniture ideas to give your home a makeover:

Get a Lounger

A comfortable reclining chair makes all the difference in your living room. Whether it is to watch television or curl up and read a book, lounge chairs are extremely comfortable and stylish. You can rent a chair online for less than Rs.2000 a month.

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Rent a bounce

The bounce is an award winning floor seating unit which is aesthetically pleasing as well as comfortable. It seats 4-5 people and is perfect for house parties. It can be used as a sofa or be spread out. The Bounce can be used in the living room or be kept inside the bedroom. It is extremely useful while hosting guests. You can even set up a small movable table in between the four seats for snacks or even to work on your laptop.

Put out a small table with chairs for the balcony

Balconies are one of the most beautiful spaces in a house. Rent a small table with colourful floor pillows or chairs where you can enjoy a cup of tea. You can now rent a balcony seating unit for less than Rs.1,000 a month for your balcony.

Rent a display unit

Display units are not only convenient for televisions but also serve as an appropriate space to put up photographs, posters etc. They also serve as mini book shelves and art space where you can put in little paintings.

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Matching Sofa and dining room set

If you want to give your home a makeover, selecting a theme is an easy solution. Whether your theme is floral or turquoise blue, you can rent a matching sofa set and a dining room set. Make sure your theme matches your wall paint and existing furniture. You can now rent a matching sofa and dining room set for less than Rs.3,000 a month on online websites which also offer free delivery and return policy.

Rent stylish bunk beds for kids

You can now rent colourful bunk beds with storage space and attached bookshelves for kids. Bunk beds are space saving and cost efficient. It is also a fun living space for kids.

A home makeover is just as essential as a personal one because as they say, home is where the heart lies.

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