Scratch Off World Map Poster: Hand Drawn Beauty


Ssh! The secret’s out. uses real artists to hand draw their world scratch off map before printing it on high quality poster paper. In a world where big box chain stores with mass produced items is the norm, is that first breath of fresh air after exiting a stuffy room. Travel the world, learn about the countries you visit, and dream up new places to go with your scratch world map. Every scratch world map  is painted in rich, vivid colours with attention to fine detail so it’s as beautiful as it is inspirational.

So what exactly is a scratch world map? It’s an easy way to inspire yourself, friends, and family to travel more and actually see the world you live in instead of sitting on the couch and watching it on television. Whenever you visit a new place, just scratch it off your map. Don’t worry, the outer layer of your scratch off world map poster is made for scratching. See, the outer layer is a thin layer of gold foil that scratches easily away without damaging the rest of your map. Every time you visit a new country, just scratch it away so that you know you’ve been there. It helps you keep track of all the places you’ve visited.

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Once you’ve started using your Newverest world scratch off map to keep track of your past travels, you can use it to start planning future ones too. Every time inspiration strikes, grab one of the included push pins and use it to mark all of the places you’d like to visit. also makes a kid’s edition of the scratch world map with fun extras like a kid-friendly bucket list and cute animal cards that will teach them something about the furry creatures they might see on their travels.

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Whether you get the original or kid’s edition scratch off world map poster, you’ll want to hang it on your wall where you and everyone else can see it. By hanging it up instead of tucking it away in a drawer or closet, you’ll inspire yourself and others to want to travel every time you look at it. And hanging it is easy. includes four self-adhesive stickers to hang it with so you can put it up straight out of the box. Or if you prefer, you can enhance the beauty of your world scratch off map by getting it framed before you hang it up.

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Read more:Tips to Boost Conversion in Sales also sells stunning, easy to use frames that will fit every scratch off world map poster they sell as well as their USA scratch map posters. The Newverest frames come in deep black or beautiful oak. And because they’re sold by Newverest, you know they’ll always be top quality. Remember, the world is at your fingertips. All you need do is look at your map to see it. Let the beauty of a scratch world map inspire you to adventure today.