How to choose PC Speakers – Tips & Tricks

Whether it is for work, to listen to some music or to play, we do not necessarily choose our PC speakers in the same way. The offer is large, the manufacturers numerous, and it is not always easy to navigate. I therefore offer a small buying guide to help you see more clearly, and allow you to choose a product suited to your needs.

The different types of PC speakers

There are speaker kits suitable for several configurations and different needs. There are roughly 4 different installations, which will be more or less interesting depending on the use you make of the speakers, but also according to the size of the room you want to equip.

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Stereo 2.0

It is the most basic PC speaker kit. It consists of two satellites that we have on the right and on the left of our screen. It is not the installation which offers the most bass, and therefore it is not exceptional for cinema or video games. It is however sufficient to watch some videos on the internet, or listen to some music while working.

Of course in the high-end, there are 2.0 stereo speakers, like the  Bose Companion 20 , which bring bass and sound reproduction much more impressive than larger systems but less expensive.

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Stereo 2.1

It is a configuration appreciated by gamers or those who wish to watch some movies on their computer. There are two satellites, right and left of the screen, and a subwoofer. So we have the advantages of stereo 2.0, with big bass when necessary. The only drawback is that we have to find a good place for our box which is always a bit imposing.

In this category of kit, you generally have to invest a little more to have elements that offer a sound that is both clear and powerful. A Logitech Z623 kit,   for example, is an excellent compromise at a fairly attractive price and saim deals have more information about Logitech computer speakers. 

5.1 surround

It is the most complete type of kit. There are even models in 7.1, a little rarer. Here, there is therefore a central speaker, 4 satellites, two at the front, and two at the back or on the sides, and a subwoofer. This is the kind of complete kit that will be interesting to install in a fairly large room.

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It is not very useful for listening to music, but it’s great for cinema and especially for games. The immersion is better, the sound can rotate around us and the subwoofer brings depth and vibration. Players will be able to find their bearings by ear, and thus gain in reactivity and immersion. We can find not too expensive and efficient sets like the Trust GXT 658 Titans.

The nomad enclosure

It is a separate product, which is not primarily suitable for the office. You can even buy this type of speaker when you don’t have a computer, and just use it with a smartphone. The portable speaker is therefore versatile, and we will choose it when we need a correct sound for our PC, but we also want a portable speaker in the house or outside.

Of course, this is not a product suitable for games, or even for the cinema, but it can do the trick in any situation. If for example you are used to using only the speakers of your laptop, or the computer screen, then this portable speaker will be much better. It will be just as useful in your office as it is to liven up an evening with friends in the living room or the garden. If you are looking for an inexpensive and versatile portable speaker, then the Anker Sound Core Mini might be for you.

The price

Of course, you will have to make a choice according to your budget. If sound is very important to you and you want both detail and power, then some money will have to be invested.

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Be aware, however, that there are now speaker kits at really competitive prices that offer really satisfying sound. You will never find audiophile quality, and you have to turn to Hi-Fi to get a really perfect sound. However, you can have a clear and powerful sound, with beautiful bass that makes your guts vibrate, without breaking the bank. Do not hesitate to consult my comparison to find kits that are both efficient and not excessively expensive.

On the other hand, you should not dream too much, or fall for speaker kits at less than 20 € which are generally of very poor quality, with a really mediocre sound. There are some nice surprises like the LogitechZ120, but they are quite rare.

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