How to spy secretly the activities of employees

Employees are the internal strength of any business. If a faithful employee cheats business by wasting time in inappropriate activities or does not work properly or leak companies’ sensitive information for some money, so businesses face loss.

But in this modern development age, spy technology facilitates business in a particular way. Spy apps are outstanding surveillance tools that empower businesses to track their employees in all activities. Employers can monitor to whom employees are calling? What are their interests? To whom they share their secrets? Etc.

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It is daunting to select the right spy app which truly facilitates business. These days, TOS is the most preferable and profitable employee spy app, which is the choice of millions of people. Let’s look at its details, why most people choose it.

TheOneSpy Employee Spy App

TheOneSpy cell phone spy app offers a special plan to business for employee monitoring. It consists of dynamic powerful features that empower the business to spy on their employees in stealth mode. TOS alerts the business about upcoming dangers from employees, so the business can plan to handle disturbing employees. TheOneSpy employee spy provides 100% reliable and accurate information in real-time.

Businesses mostly use PCs/ laptops to maintain data or to accomplish daily tasks. Besides that, the business also gives its mobile phones to employees for dealing with routine matters or to remain in contact with other departments. As the internet is the main medium through which most activities occur like transfer data, live sessions, meetings, presentations or sharing information. But employees start using company devices for their personal use or waste time on useless activities like endless calls to friends, watching inappropriate content, sharing company secret data for money, etc. So, TOS facilitates businesses by offering multiple versions and models for all devices.

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Here, we will discuss the TOS features for different devices.

Features of TOS for Android

As android phones are used in every business, so TOS special plans for Android devices smoothly runs with all versions and models of Android. Let’s see some unique and powerful features of TOS for Android.

  • Live 360 camera streaming

An employer can get access to their employee phone front and back camera and can watch live activities.

  • Live 360 surrounding recorder

It empowers the employer to listen to their employee surroundings, their conversations, whispering, and gossip as well.

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  • Call Logs

It allows the employer to listen to all dialled and received calls and to record unusual calls as proof.

  • SMS tracker

A business can also monitor its employees all text conversations in real-time.

  • GPS location tracker

It provides an employee live location to employer wherever the employee goes.

  • Geo-Fencing

An employer can put alarms on restricted areas, so when an employee will go there, TOS will send an automatic alert to the employer cloud account.

Features of TOS for PCs

Many businesses use PCs for keeping secret information and for doing heavy tasks. TOS is compatible with windows and models like Dell, Samsung, etc.  Here are some advanced features of TOS to spy on employee PC.

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  • Screen Recorder

If an employee does any inappropriate activity during working hours, so employers can record activities instantly.

  • E-mail Tracker

It empowers the employer to track all incoming and outgoing mails on a targeted PC.

  • Keylogger

An employer can spy on all typed keys by a targeted person on a targeted PC.

Features of TOS for MAC/ Laptop

TOS also offers a special plan for MAC laptops and other laptops. As in office, managers and team members usually work on laptops. So, we will list down some unique features of TOS for MAC/ laptop.

  • Camera Bug

It allows the employer to get access to a targeted laptop camera and watch the live activities of the employee.

  • Website Blocker

It enables the user to block inappropriate content-based site which employee frequently visits.

  • MIC Bug

User can bug on MIC to listen to employee voice conversations.

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  • Spy on Social accounts

An employer can monitor all social media account’s activities of targeted employees.


We concluded that businesses can confidently work with TOS employee spy app. It’s useful and powerful features empower the employer to catch real-time information and make the decision accordingly. TOS puts businesses all worries away by facilitating their unique services and with outstanding features.

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