Top 5 Prank Call Apps

Ownage Pranks

The Ownage Pranks app has over 100 automated pre-recordings which are sent once Prank calls are answered.

Each prank script contains a different scenario with different and recurring characters. This means you can select prank scripts which are best suited to the person you are going to prank call.
Simply check out the Ownage prank script list where different genres are categorized so you can find the one you’re looking for.

Prank scripts have recurring characters such as Buk Lau and Tyronne Biggums which are recorded foremost by creator and owner Russell Johnson.
Some examples of Prank scenarios include ‘Buk Lau Dog Poop’, ‘Embarrassing Pharmacy Order’ and ‘Rakesh Hotdog Complaint’.
With new pranks added daily, you will never run out of ideas.


  • Calls are automatically recorded
  • Prank submissions can be made to the Pranks hall of fame where other reactions are shown
  • Caller ID hidden as the call is done with your WiFi and not your phone network

Prank Dial- Prank Call App

Prank Dial has been going strong since its initial date release of 2016. With its aesthetic design and high functionality, this is one of the best prank calling apps today.
One substantial improvement it has worked on to perfect is its user interface. It beautiful and clean design is far superior to versions in the past.

Like the Ownage Prank app Prank dial also contains pre-recordings which are both hilarious and fresh compared to other prank calling apps similar in nature.
With over 150+ pre-recordings available you will never get through all of them (unless prank calling happens to be your part-time job).
This also gives you a greater variety of prank scripts to choose from, some of the newer additions include ‘Food Delivery’ and ‘Why You Call Me’.


  • 150+ pre-recordings
  • 3 credits given daily
  • Phone calls are recorded so you can share prank calls online
    Caller ID is hidden avoiding detection

Fake Me Out Of Here

A fake calling app is one of the best tools available for prank callers due to its versatility and many uses in everyday life.

Perhaps you are selling a product and want to drum up the competition so you can get a better sale price. With Fake Me Out of Here you can schedule a fake incoming call and pretend to talk to interested buyers.

Simply send yourself a fake call by shaking your phone, this is convenient and saves you time pressing buttons. You can also schedule calls from up to 50 different contacts without shakes, so you can fool others into thinking a particular person has rung. The possibilities are endless!

Other features

  • A Delay can be made between a shake and call
  • Call log available for logging in calls
  • Choose contact’s custom ringtone and image
  • Shake calibration can be adjusted for sensitivity

Fake Call and SMS

Fake Call and SMS not only allows you to organize incoming calls but also outgoing calls and missed calls. You can also customize sent messages not only to your inbox but also to your draft box and error mailbox.

The caller’s information can also be customized, such as their name, phone number picture and ringtone. Fake caller characters are also available such as a Girlfriend, Boyfriend, The Pizza Parlour and many more.

Other features

  • The app will appear to be a phone software app on your phone named “Call Assistant” to avoid suspicion.
  • Audio clips and recorded audio can be used by the fake caller
  • Schedule a fake call at your preferred time

Caller ID Faker by Mathrawk

If you’re looking for a basic app that provides substance over flash, then look no further. Caller ID faker is one of the most efficient and easy to use fake caller apps available today.

Caller ID Faker is a caller ID spoofer app which is ideal for prank calls. Pranksters can enjoy anonymity as their number is safely hidden, so prank calling has never been safer.

The app hides your contact details by using a third-party service to spoof your phone number. Simply select the contact you wish to ring and enter the number you want the call to come from.

Choosing the number of the caller enables you to fool people into thinking it’s someone they know, making the prank more realistic and personable.

It’s important to say that Caller ID Faker doesn’t possess the latest features that other fake calling apps offer. Regardless, if you’re looking for a minimalist spoof caller app with great functionality and straight to the point, this is highly recommended.

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