Explore Ways How to Enhance SEO Pro and Developer Relationship

When it comes to establishing a robust brand, irrespective of the industry you belong to, every organization’s key to sustained growth and success begins with stellar design and stellar content. Whether you are developing a website, blog post, infographic, etc. both these parts play an integral role and contribute to the efficiency and productivity of a site. You must admit and accept that SEO success to a great extent on developers.

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As per https://www.huffpost.com, some people think of SEO as successfully managing a robust relationship with Google via AdWords, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics. Some others feel that SEO is dependent primarily on the content you create and your capability of convincing some other sites to go ahead and link to your content. There are still others who believe that SEO is some type of black magic mastered by SEO experts only. However, the fact remains that SEO is a mix of technical fundamentals, user experience, content, and assisting Google to assist you. When you help organizations and businesses with their SEO, you adopt a technical approach, assisting them in better implementing the fundamentals that search engines such as Google would be recommended for amazing user experience. 

So we can make out that if you are looking for SEO success, you need to ensure that both the developer and the SEO pro are working harmoniously towards the same goals. However, various reasons contribute to the prickly and fractured relationship between developers and SEO pros. For instance, SEO pros encounter rigid pushback in the event they request some specific implementations while developers are often upset over black-hat SEOs that sell unreliable services. Hence, usually, the relationship between developers and SEO professionals is marked by misunderstanding and frustration. 

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From the perspective of an SEO, it could be pretty tough to convey the significance and value of search-associated efforts and to have them prioritized smoothly in development pipelines. Similarly, from the perspective of a developer, SEO could prove to be an endless source of annoyance, tickets, and irritation that prevents them from meeting deadlines and delivering work timely. Thanks to the introduction of cutting-edge web technologies, SEO is gradually becoming quite sophisticated technically speaking. This implies that it has become critical to actively explore effective ways of working harmoniously with your developer. Here are some effective ways of bridging the gap and reducing the friction between SEO pros and web developers.

Erase the Damages Caused by Poor SEO Experiences

It is important to consider healing the sores left behind as a result of bad SEO experiences. Even though the majority of the SEO professionals are committed to catering to the searchers’ user intent and providing high-quality genuine content, developers may still have second thoughts about the reliability and trustworthiness of SEO pros. Bulk link buying and keyword stuffing are not considered as sustainable or popular SEO practices, however, it could take a lot of relationship-building efforts and time for SEO pros to impress the developers and win their trust. It is a good idea to discuss and define their common objectives and goals and chalk out a strategy for achieving these goals. This way, you could establish a robust relationship and build a certain degree of trust with your development team. Businesses would like to hire an SEO company that is known for reliability, efficiency, and robust work culture.

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Identify Clear Objectives & Expectations from Projects

SEO professionals are often quite careless and they end up offending developers by expecting a bit too much instead of ensuring that their requests are clear and achievable too. For achieving an outcome for both sides to be happy, you must consider setting clear objectives, goals, and expectations. For getting assistance from developers on board, ensure that your requests would include the following: 

  • What the issue is?
  • Why fixing the issue is of critical importance?
  • What all are needed?
  • What seems to be the end goal?

Generally, developers do not like fluff. Coming up with quality content for all your requests is important, however, ensure that it is concise and structured for getting all the vital details fastest possible and start working on an effective solution. Moreover, we know that developers love docs. For getting a clear picture of the way they are used to processing information, browse through the guides that are there in the MDN Web Docs. All of them boast of a clear structure that would be covering the precise goals or objectives, the specific methodology, and the results. 

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Understand Your Developer’s Priorities

For communicating effectively with your development team about SEO issues, it is a good idea to have a sound understanding of the way they work. It pays to discover what is of maximum or prime importance to them in their everyday role. As per their discipline, developers or Engineers would be varying in their priorities. 

Choose Your Battles with Care

It is of pivotal importance to consider building robust relationships with developers. This approach is effective in ensuring that you could maximize your search engine optimization impact while not unnecessarily troubling developers with tickets of different significance.

Consider Bridging the Gap between the Commercial and Technical

SEO pros could function harmoniously with developers if they have a clear understanding of both technical and commercial frustrations and challenges. It is of pivotal importance to bridge the existing gap between the commercial and technical aspects according to an SEO expert. Conduct meetings regularly with your developers for emphasizing the challenges the encounter for helping them overcome shared pain points. This way you could come across long-term solutions and build robust relationships. 

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You must involve SEO pros right from the beginning. One major frustration that SEO pros have is that they are involved in projects far too late. This surely proves to be quite annoying for developers also as they would be getting last-minute search engine related tasks and tickets that they do not think would prove to be beneficial. For SEO, you would be compelled to combat fires and make development requests practically at the last moment for averting disaster affecting the organic performance of a website.  

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