6 SaaS tools every business should invest in today

SaaS tools

In today’s world of digitalization, there are innumerable tools available on the world wide web that can help your business in different ways. In fact, you will be overwhelmed with the number of tools each aspect of your business demands. At the same time, you will be in a great dilemma to pick the best for your business.

That being said, no doubt there are plenty of choices but that does not mean each of them will meet the criteria of being useful for your organization. People are certainly the most important asset in running a business. But, acquiring the right tech for your fledgling SaaS is equally important. To help you short-list the best ones, I have rounded up a list of top 6 tools for any SaaS business:


Irrespective of the niche of your SaaS, you will always have heaps of projects, tasks, and duties that need to be completed. And of course none of us want a fall back in our core task. So, here’s your savior, ProofHub. It is a SaaS-based project management software to help you stay on top of your tasks, duties, and projects. It comes with various features like to assign tasks, collaborate with people for different projects, and of course, track milestones. In fact, it gives you an in-depth analysis, into all your projects and tasks.


Stillio is a must-have in your tool’s kitty! It is an automated software that captures screenshots of your website, at regular intervals. It helps businesses to build their online heritage and preserve it for their brand management. Apart from that, it keeps an eye on your competitor’s website with the screenshots generated. Other features of Stillio include content verification, SEO tracking, trend tracking, and website compliance.


Employees are the wheels for the running of any organization. Small, medium, or large, the goal is to invest in people who can accelerate outstanding returns in the future. In fact, a major reason why companies are failing is because of the inefficiency of the employees or the incapability of the manager. That being said, here’s another tool to assist you in Human Resource Management. It is a tool working on strip down mechanisms and offers services like personal data modules, advanced reporting, and tracking. If you want, this tool can also assist you to draft new job openings in your organization, share them across popular work fronts and boards, and even manage applications. All in all, it helps you gauge the best talent for your brainchild.

Google Analytics

If you want to measure or analyze your website’s performance, there’s nothing that can replace Google Analytics in this run. It is a free web analytics solution that analyzes your web performance on various heads, under different metrics. It not only helps you the traffic metrics of your website but even classifies and categorizes them, moreover you can also even segment them on a country basis. Some of the features it offers are analytics intelligence, detailed reporting, and data visualization. In simple words, google analytics is a one-stop measurement solution to drive your future plans.


At first, you might find it a very simple, straightforward and user-friendly software for your web conferencing (well no doubt it is). But as you dig deeper, you will be stunned to see the number of international features and functionalities it has to offer. It would turn out to be your ideal option if you want to manage clients and colleagues from multiple international locations. In fact, it helps you schedule meetings instantly, like in a span of a few minutes. You will find it to be the best team collaboration tool out there.


Content strategizing and content marketing has become an imminent part of every organization. A top-notch website with exclusive blog posts have become so important to attract traffic, visitors, and moreover, accelerate growth to your website. Hubspot helps you do all of that in just a few clicks. You can not only create and edit content but also host it. it is backed by the best content delivery network, helping you distribute it all across the globe.

All the tools suggested above are incredibly helpful to help you achieve the desired. The list is prepared after a detailed research and reviews from experienced users. I am sure, if used correctly it will help you gauge the best results from minimum resources.

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