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How to Start Offering SEO Services to Your Clients

No matter what the niche, almost every business requires SEO to make its place among tough competition. Many businesses need SEO not only for their own growth but also to offer it along with other services to their clients. This helps them maintain their current clientele and attract many new ones. Besides, if your client goes to someone else for a service, they might win them over for other services as well. This article will help all those who are considering offering SEO as a service to your clients.

Learn How SEO Works

It’s crucial that you learn a skill before offering it professionally. Even if you won’t be doing it yourself, it is your brand name on the line. It’s your responsibility to make sure that you offer nothing less than the best to your clients. It is suggested that you take a few courses and spend time with some SEO experts to learn everything. Even if you don’t practically do it, you should have complete theoretical knowledge.

Build an In-House Department

Once you’ve learnt how SEO works, it’s time you start arranging the resources required for the job. The most important of all the resources is manpower. You need the best SEO professionals to work for you. You’ll have to build an SEO department where you have experts at different levels. You also need to have enough money to pay their salaries even if you don’t have work. Consider hiring an experienced professional in the field to test and recruit the right team for you.

Find a White Label SEO Service Provider

Building an SEO department can be risky, and requires a lot of resources, efforts, and time. It could become a problem if you have too much work and not enough employees, or too many employees and not enough work. You also have to ensure that you have hired the right team, that knows how to get the job done professionally. If all of this is too much, you can always outsource your work to a white label SEO agency.

Find a trusted and reputed agency and contract them to work as an SEO reseller. An SEO reseller already has the resources, skills, and experience you need. They will do the work for you, and you can sell it to your customers under your brand name. This saves you a lot of resources and trouble. You get to attract more customers with new services and take your profit with each new project.

Create Packages and Decide their Cost

You have to do your homework before pitching any services. Study the market and your competitors and see what services and packages they are offering. What resources do they use in each package and how much they charge for it. Make several packages to offer at a rate lesser than the market rate. Don’t get greedy for profit, and focus solely on customer service in the beginning.

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