Things You Didn’t Know Gboard for Android Could Do

The best keyboard for Android is probably the one that comes pre-installed: Gboard. But do you take full advantage of all its features? Recently, Google’s unpretentious and aptly named Android keyboard has undergone a huge overhaul. It’s now called Gboard, and curiously, it’s currently is from one of the best keyboard for Android of all times.

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You may already be using it, as it comes preinstalled with many stock Android phones Get Android Stock experience on any phone with no root Get Android Stock experience on any phone with no root Many devices Android have very personalized interfaces, but you can get a stock Android look without even rooting your device! Gboard has a lot of tricks up its sleeve. You can search Google directly from the keyboard, search and send GIF files 5 best Android keyboards for Emojis, GIF and a lot more from one the best keyboard for Android. Gboards make it super easy to add GIFs, emojis, and everything sorts of other goodies to whatever you type. Read more, and do all the things you would expect from a modern Smartphone keyboard.

How to Choose the Best Android Keyboard for Your Own Needs 

If there is a reason to choose Android over any Other Type of Smartphone, it would be customizable. Whether you’re looking for different types of apps, themes or ROMs

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  1. Google search in your keyboard

It is, of course, right in the name. Once you’re up and running with the Gboard app, you’ll see the Google button in the upper left corner of the keyboard, next to the suggestions. Tap on it, and you’ll see a Google search bar right on the keyboard.

Look for something – the name of a company, a restaurant, a song, and the time in a different country – and you’ll see a result on the keyboard. Tap the Share button below the card and the link will be pasted into the conversation you are in. It’s a simple thing, but it’s a huge time saver.

  1. GIF and Emojis

One of the things that make Gboard more interesting and fun is its ability to search a large database of GIFs and emojis. Search, select, send. You no longer need to go to a different application to do so.

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I wish this feature was a little more obvious (oddly, it is actually better placed in the Gboard app for iPhone Google has it created the best iPhone keyboard? Keyboard for iPhone, called Gboard, and available exclusively on iOS right now it’s probably the best mobile keyboard you’ve ever used. There are several ways to do this. The best way is to press and hold the Enter key until you see a popup with the Emoji button.

You will see a Google search bar on the top that will say Search emojis. Type a search term, find the emoji and tap it to send it.

From the bottom, press the GIF button to switch to the GIF tab. From there, search for a GIF, tap on it and it will be sent. Unfortunately, GIF functionality is not supported for all chat apps at the moment, the biggest culprit being WhatsApp Status. GIF Search The new features of WhatsApp make it a social networking application and offer you many more ways to communicate with your friends.

  1. Trackpad mode

Text selection is a big problem on touch screens. You simply don’t have precise cursor control. Gboard has a feature that makes this easier, at least in the text boxes. You can move the cursor by dragging left or right on the space bar.

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You can also delete multiple words at the same time instead of pressing the backspace button to delete a letter each time. Just hit the backspace button and swipe left. The text will be highlighted and as soon as you release your finger – poof!

  1. Quickly access the alternate keyboard

Whenever you want to enter frequently used punctuation marks, such as an exclamation mark or a question mark, do you usually switch to the numeric keypad using the ? 123. In Gboard, you can access these punctuation marks, as well as shortcuts for parentheses and more, by simply pressing and holding the period button.

  1. Translate the right into the keyboard

Gboard is now integrated with Google Translate How to instantly translate any text on Android using the Google Translate app How to instantly translate any text on Android Google Translate is just as powerful on mobile as on the desktop. A new Android feature allows you to get instant translations for any text you copy.  You can translate words and phrases between two languages. There are 90+ languages ​​to choose from. Once you’ve written the text, tap the G icon and select Translate. Then, from the box at the top, select the language you want to translate.

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  1. Create your own text extension shortcuts

If you use your Android phone for work-related communication, you may type the same thing multiple times. Create Your Own Text Extension Shortcuts what is Text Extension and How Can It Help You Save Time? What is text expansion and how can it help you save time? If you could save yourself even a small fraction of the time you spend typing, you could save hours of your time each week. This is exactly what the text expansion is for. Read on for these phrases in Gboard, and you’ll save a lot of time.

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