3 Easy Ways to Get More Views To Your YouTube Videos

Ways to Get More Views YouTube Videos

YouTube is the second largest platform visited by individuals all over the world. On an average YouTube gets around 22 billion visitors every month. More views can attract more ads in your channel and thereby whenever someone clicks on the ads, you earn. It can be a fun source of earning, but regular posting is necessary for that. Jake Ducey a very popular media personality didn’t earn anything for 2 years on his YouTube channel. But he kept going and kept posting and now his earns have triples making him a TedX Speaker and bestselling author.

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But what is the point of uploading a video if nobody watches it? Because of this social marketers are always looking for way and strategies to get more traffic and views. All industry business must invest in a good YouTube channel and upload videos in their relevant field. Although YouTube has billions of viewers, it is estimated that only 2 percent of small business use YouTube as a marketing channel.

In this post, you will see three easy ways to prioritize your YouTube channels and Get Youtube Views on them:

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  • Organic Search Optimization


Just like in Google search, YouTube has its own algorithms. This is used to showcase relevant videos when people search in a keyword. These algorithms are the deciding factor if your video will show up in the search. The algorithms are influenced by various factors; the most important of which are SEO charged titles and video descriptions. When writing the description of the video maintain a 1.7 percent keyword density for a better algorithm result. This, in turn, will increase the click through rate and viewers will get to know what to expect in their videos. You can also use a small Meta description in your videos followed by a detailed description.

The title of the video must also be attractive and contain the relevant keyword. It should stand out and stress on the solution to a problem. For example, titles can be as effective ways to reduce depigmentation on the skin or 3 quick tips on pigmentation removal. The keyword here can be pigmentation or skin. To check the popularity of the keyword, you can use a keyboard planner online. 

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Before you publish a video, don’t forget to mention tags. YouTube video tags help distinguish what type of video you are uploading. Through these tags, viewers understand what kind of video you will present. If you are familiar with Instagram, you will understand the concept of tags. In Instagram, all contents are searched and popularized through tags. For example, if your video is about skincare, you can include tags like #skincare or #skinroutine. 

Another attractive trick that you can use in organic search optimization is using a good thumbnail. The thumbnail shows an image that your video is about. Using a clear image with readable text can do wonders to your algorithms. Good thumbnail also appears in the video suggestion section, thereby involving more people in your content.

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  • Good Content Creation


The most obvious factor is creating a good quality content. Do some research on what kind of videos the audiences want? People will share and like your videos only when they are good. A great and meaningful content not only imparts education but is fun to watch. For example, you are in the electronic business with either an E-commerce website or an offline store. Create videos on – the 3 best mobile phones that will hit the market or the best affordable TV that fits every budget. You can never fall short of ideas. 

While describing your video don’t make it sound like a boring essay. No one wants to hear something that is boring. Make it fun and interesting. Use animations and infographics if necessary. Your information can be very valuable but no one will be interested if you don’t put in some energy.

Good sound quality and lighting is something that you should always keep in mind while creating a video. Just ask yourself, would you want to watch a video that is inaudible? Of course not! 

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  • Use Inspirations For Creating Content


What do we mean by this? Another fun way to Get Youtube Views is to involve inspirational artists. Users should not only watch your videos but stay on the platform for a considerable amount of time. The more watch time you get, the ads you provide and hence better chances of earning. In order to do so, use references from other YouTubers or famous personalities. You can add their quote in their video or make the video on a follow up topic by another famous YouTuber. You can also use their name as a reference in the title, but make sure not to perform any copyright issues. In doing so, your video will appear on the suggested video section, thereby increasing your views.

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