The incredible increase in the number of credit card scams and other related fraudulent acts has made a lot of people turn to a credit check (credit monitoring) to safeguard their identity and protect their credit. Credit monitoring services offer this protection by providing early notification or alert Via text, email,  or phone when there is a possible fraudulent transaction occurring on your account.

They monitor your credit pattern and bring to your notice when there is an irregularity so you can take correctional steps if this irregularity is not from you, but as a result of potential fraud.

Even as individual clients enjoy the perks of credit check services, the advantages that companies get from these services are exceptional. Companies enjoy numerous benefits from using Credit check Agencies, which in turn helps in risk management and administration processes like decision making in the company.

Benefits enjoyed by Companies as related to Customers

  • Client selection; Providing credit terms to clients is a common way of boosting sales for any company. This can suddenly become a huge problem when there are bad and unrepentant debtors in the client list for grants. Therefore, companies make use of credit check services to get an insight into individual responsiveness to debts and their adequacy in payment of bills. Their past records will enable the company to decide whether to go ahead with the client or not.
  • Positive cash flow; After a company has filtered the customers, it is bound to have favorable cash flow as the customers pay in time and money keeps circulating. The continuous circulation of money leads to positive cash flow which is a major ingredient for any company that wishes to remain in the market in an ever-changing economy.
  • Credit check services notify a client company on customers who suddenly fall behind on payment. 
  • They can contact bad debtors on behalf of your company, saving you the stress and allow you to completely concentrate on running your business.

Also, companies use credit check services to spy on their competitors in the market, they can easily know how well or bad their competitions are doing. 

There are other productive functions of credit check services that companies use, especially in potential partnerships with other companies or merging.

When a company wants to partner or merge with another company, they try to acquire a concise report on the finances of the other company. This is done through credit check services, and this enables the company to envisage if the partnership or merger is going to be efficient and worthwhile. This also helps to indirectly confirm if the other companies actually exist.

The credit reports of directors at these companies can also be filed. 

Most companies likewise file for the credit reports of potential Directors or Managers when hiring in their own companies, as they want to know if the Director or Manager coming in can be trustworthy and is free of outstanding debts that can later affect the company, directly or indirectly.

It is also mandatory that companies get an insight into the financial status and reliability of potential stakeholders before contracts are signed.  stakeholders with overdue drafts and unpaid invoices are uncalled for. Credit checks on stakeholders help to avoid a calamity of partnership and help to target prospective and trustworthy stakeholders instead, which is best for business or company growth.

Credit check services protect companies against fraud. Companies and small businesses do not only check for financial information of their customers, but they also do so on their suppliers as there are lots of fake suppliers out there who disappear when companies make payment to them to supply goods and services and also to make sure the suppliers are not in debt. Credit check service gives the opportunity to file a report on these suppliers and establish their existence and reliability.

Apart from researching new or potential suppliers, stakeholders, and partner companies, it is also necessary that companies monitor existing relationships. This will help to notice sudden and significant changes in the normal financial reports that can cause harm to the company in the future.

A company that wants to stay in business must have a very consistent cash flow. Credit check services help to monitor the finances of your company and bring to your attention when stocks are plummeting, this prompts you to search for new investors and partnership deals to save your company, this in turn helps to reduce the risk of bankruptcy as early notification of falling sales or stocks makes it feasible to save your company in time.

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There are numerous Credit reporting and scoring bureaus that can be used to evaluate business credit score and financial status. Below are examples of Commercial Credit reporting.

  • The cortera CPR score
  • The Risk Rating from Creditsafe
  • The skyminder service from CRIF
  • The paydex score from Dun and Bradstreet
  • The Experian iniscore
  • The CIC score 
  •  The NACM National Trade credit management credit report from the National Association of Transunion, Equifax and Rapid Ratings international. 

The benefits gained by  companies and individuals using credit check services can never be over-emphasized as the main purpose of running a business or company is to make profit. Making profit requires lesser losses. Credit check services helps companies to minimize losses by offering protection against fraud, helping in selecting prospective partners and making other strategic decisions. Research has shown that many  businesses and companies fail in the first two years of establishment, but with credit check services, small businesses and new companies can thrive for longer years.

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