Why Do We Have to Write Essays?

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Being a student in college is quite demanding. Besides attending lectures, students have many assignments to do at home. Writing essays is arguably the most common one. It is also a task that most students find difficult for many reasons. Unfortunately, the education system in America does not emphasize the early acquisition of writing skills by students.

Hence, a college student that does not know how to write an essay is a common sight. Most of these students wonder, why do we have to write essays? What is the benefit? And when they have to write several essays within a short time, they wonder, who can do my essays? Several websites offer essay writing services for students.

In most cases, this type of service consists of a professional writer that delivers an essay according to your requirements. The essay is intended to be a source of inspiration and/or information. This way, the process of writing an essay is simplified. Writing from scratch, especially if you lack good writing skills, may not be so easy.

Should you use such services in all cases? When your time is limited, for example, enlisting the help of a professional writer is justified. In other cases, it is better that you write the entire essay by yourself. Why? The answer is simple. Essay writing helps students to develop useful skills for their professional careers. Some of these skills include:

  • Reading. Before you write an essay you have to conduct bibliographic research. You must read several specialized articles, some books, and other sources. Hence, you will learn where to look for relevant information. Eventually, the reading may even become a habit;
  • Note-making. The volume of information that you consult can be large. It is not easy to retain all the details on your mind. Hence, you will learn to make notes and write down the main ideas of big texts;
  • Critical thinking. When you write an essay, you do not limit yourself to copy or rewrite the ideas of others. You have to analyze all the information you have to form your judgment. You will also have to learn to discern good sources from unreliable ones;
  • Organization. After reading and analyzing many information sources, you surely will have plenty of ideas. You must learn to organize them to put them in writing in the best possible way;
  • Argumentation. When you write an essay you have to make a case and argue for it with solid evidence. This will teach you how to defend your points of view correctly. This skill can be very useful if you decide to pursue a graduate degree. It will be very useful in your future career for brainstorming sessions and public presentations;
  • Written communication. For an essay to be effective, you have to learn to communicate with a reader. Your ideas may be quite good, but you also have to be good at communicating them using written language.

There are many other good things about writing essays. For example, it will teach you to communicate with authority. After researching thoroughly a topic, you surely have an understanding thereof that is above the average. Hence, you will learn to write formally and clearly, thereby demonstrating your command of the topic. Do you want to know what else essay writing can do for you? Keep reading.

Essay Writing Is Good for Foreign Students

The benefits listed above apply to both local and foreign students. There are other important reasons for foreign students to write essays. These include:

  • Essay writing forces foreign students to improve the fluency of the language used in class (English in the case of the United States). Hence, foreign students learn to express themselves better in the language in which they conduct their studies. Grammar and spelling will be much better too. This enhances their integration into the local community and allows them to be an active part of society. It also improves their chances of employment if they decide to stay in the country where they studied;
  • Somehow related to the previous point, essay writing helps foreign students to structure their sentences more adequately. This will improve communication, both written and spoken, with the local academic staff;
  • Essay writing allows you to explore your creative side you probably did not know. When you write an essay you can play with words and sentences to make the content appealing. If you want to grab the attention of the reader, your text has to be unique. And this requires a lot of creativity.

As you can see, if you are a foreign student, essay writing can also help you to master the local language. And mastering the local language is the key to integrate quickly into the host society.

Should Students Write Essays?

Some people think that essay writing is a thing of the past, a worthless and tedious task. So, they usually argue that students should not continue writing essays nowadays. Lecturers and professors use essays to evaluate the level of understanding of their students. So, people that disagree with essay writing think other evaluation methods could be used.

However, in light of all the benefits described above, essay writing should be an integral part of a student’s learning process. Essay writing enhances students’ communication skills, critical thinking, and prospects in the job market. 

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