Measuring and wiring instruments are the basic requirements of livelihood though we don’t give much importance to these things. Be it a simple sound measuring apps or the best heat wire for the roof, and such instruments have are the basic home-use and professional requirements. Hence, for better measurement solutions, one needs to have the best measuring instruments.

The best shop-Durhamn Instruments

Durhamn Instruments is the best shop where you can get high-quality industrial and laboratory-grade measurement components and systems and the one source for quantitative measuring equipment. Simultaneously, provide the best-measuring instruments and expert solutions for any kind of measuring problem with our experience in this field of over 40 years. Accordingly, our professional experts are well geared with great knowledge and right tools to help you solve the measuring problems from pressure to displacement, to acceleration, and much more.

Besides, Durhamn Instruments provides superior quality measuring instruments. Hence, our supplies come from the best suppliers making each and every product really reliable, accurate and durable. Similarly, we provide promising service with the best supplies and technical expertise of our specialists.

Further, Durhamn instruments is an off-shoot of Buchan Instruments Canada. We were incorporated in Buchan Instruments in November 1977 with our head office at Pickering, Ontario, a suburb of Toronto, Canada. Besides, our branch offices are located in South Western, Ontario, as well as Montreal, Quebec.

Our Industries

As already mentioned above, Durhamn Instruments provides the best instruments, be it simple measuring instruments or the best heat wire for roof. Not only these, but Durhamn Instrument supplies for various other industries as well.


Canada leads the global market in the aerospace industry. Hence, for years Canada has been home to the best aviation and space companies and has been a leading producer of regional aircraft, business jets, avionics, commercial helicopters, flight simulation, aircraft engines, space systems, land gear, and Maintenance Repair, and Overhaul Expertise and Durhamn Instruments is one of the reasons behind Canada’s success in Aerospace industry.

Automation and Controls

Likewise, the use of control systems like programmable logic control, numerical control, and other industrial control systems, mainly for automation purposes. As the name suggests, it is created and used to reduce human labor and energy. Therefore, it reduces human intervention by controlling industrial machinery processes. Durhamn Instruments has been providing excellent automation and control services over the years.

Food and Pharmaceuticals

While food industries produce, process and market foods, pharmaceutical industries produce market licensed drugs, used for medications. Hence, these industries also take the help of automation and system controls to improve product quality control. In the same way, Durhamn Instruments includes food and pharmaceuticals as well.


Forestry is all about managing forests, natural resources, tree plantations, and processing raw materials like timber, rubber, fruits, etc., and Durhamn Instruments have been providing forest management instruments for many years.

Institutional (educational)

Most scientific research works require instruments for conducting better and accurate research. Further, research works are supposed to be systematic, knowledgeable, and precise, and as a result, it is a very lengthy process. However, with the right research instruments both and energy could be saved, and many uncertain things could be cleared out, and Durhamn Instruments have been nothing but a great help to researchers and institutions by providing the right tools and instruments to them.


Manufacturing means transforming the raw materials into finished goods on a large scale or industrial scale. Similarly, all intermediate processes required for the production and integration of a product’s components are also included in modern manufacturing. Moreover, engineering and industrial design includes chemical, automobiles, tire, pharmaceutical, beverages and food, etc., and all are a part of the manufacturing sector. However, Durhamn Instruments have been leading in the manufacturing industry market for the past 40 years.


Medical equipment is also being offered by Durhamn Instruments. The equipment’s used for diagnosis monitoring or other medical treatment by Durhamn Instruments are enough sophisticated. Some of the common medical equipment and an application that utilizes sensors such as blood pressure monitoring, scanners, infusion pumps, medical monitors, etc., by Durhamn Instrument are efficient enough.


Durhamn Instruments have been serving military equipment and systems as well. Military sensor technologies that include the development of transportation systems like tanks and aircraft, weaponry and communication and monitoring systems, etc., are being serviced by Durhamn Instruments.


Mining also requires sensor technology which Durhamn Instruments readily manufacture. The extraction of minerals and other geological materials from beneath the earth’s surface is meant by mining. Mining is conducted in an ore or vein, or coal seam. Materials like base metals, iron, coal, magnesium, precious metals, and stones like gold, silver, diamonds, other stones like limestone, oil shale, and minerals like rock salt, potash, etc., are being mined. Therefore, good sensor technology while mining is essential. Hence, Durhamn Instruments manufacture and, provide the right mining tools as well. Besides, mining sensor equipment for scientific disciplines like geology or archaeology for their field research works and excavations is essential.


Packaging is really important in any kind of industry, be it large-scale industry or small-scale. It is the method or process of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale and use. Sensor technology in various types of packaging is essential. For example, required and utilized mainly in the production of packaging machinery such as Blister Packs, Vacuum packaging, conveyor systems, feeding machines, cartooning, filling, etc. Over the years, Durhamn Instruments have been providing the right sensor instruments for packaging as well.

Power Generation and Alternative Energy

Again, sensor technology plays a huge role in power generation as well, and Durhamn solutions have been providing the right solutions for this over the years. Sensor technology is very much required in energy generation technologies such as hydroelectric, nuclear, solar, wind generation, fossil fuels, etc.

Research and Development

New product design and development is a very important factor for a company to run successfully. No company can survive with outdated designs and products. Hence, they need to pace up with the changing technological advancement and ideas. Durhamn Instruments are always up-to-date with new supplies and technologies, needed for new research and development.


Sensor technology is no exception to transportation. Hence, through transportation, people’s movement is possible.All modes of transportation, such as roadways, railways, airways, waterways, pipelines, cable, space, etc., utilize sensor technology. Also utilized in the production and control of the infrastructures, operations, or vehicles. Durhamn Instruments are always ready with the right sensor technology for all these industries.

Our manufacturers

  • Bruel and Kjaer (advanced sound and vibration technology supplier)
  • HBM (globally acclaimed test and measurement supplier)
  • Interface (supplier of load cells, torque transducers, instrumentation and accessories)
  • TE Connectivity (measurement specialties sensors)
  • Curtiss-Wright (highly reliable wire-wound potentiometric devices)
  • Teledyne-Hastings (mass flow meters and vacuum instruments)
  • Acuity (laser distance sensors and laser measurement systems)
  • Leine and Linde (robust pulse encoders)
  • Jewell (panel meters, inertial sensors, avionics components, inclinometers, accelerometers and precision solenoids)
  • AST- A TE Connectivity Company (Micro Electro Mechanical Structures- MEMS)
  • SMT Elektronik (intelligent data loggers)
  • Badger Meter (aviation and space)
  • Showa (strain gages)
  • Electrosensors (speed sensors, tachometers, digital pulse generators, etc.)
  • IO Select (automation requirements)
  • SINT (production of measurement, software development, etc.)
  • Weisang (software solutions)
  • ElectroNumerics (digital panel meters, digital counters, etc.)
  • Ametek- Patriot (velocity transducers)
  • MSL (data acquisition, data logging, etc.)
  • ADE Technologies (precision capacitive position sensors)
  • Beran (windows condition monitoring systems)
  • ADtech (I/O instrument and measurement solutions)
  • Massa (electroacoustic products)
  • APG (liquid level sensor and pressure transducer design)

Final Takeaway

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