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Coffee is an integral part of our life, and without coffee, it would be full of stress and boring days; as we all know, coffee is the best and fastest stress-reliever of our life. From inviting friends for coffee dates to having a strong cup while working, coffee has been part of every small and big moment of our life.  

We, Anthony’s Espresso, are a family-owned company having our roots in Bella Italia, and we deal with all the coffee equipment and products. Simultaneously, we understand how important coffee is for coffee lovers. We understand how important a role it plays in our daily life. 

We have been providing services for GTA and beyond for nearly 20 years with coffee products and equipment. We have two prime major industries at Vaughan and Toronto. Our products include coffee beans, grinders, machines, accessories, etc. We are both happy and ready to choose the best coffee beans to the best equipment, whatever type that you are seeking to have. Anthony’s Espresso is perhaps the best consumer testing company in this industry.

Our commercial stores and manufacturers

Our major brand home-use manufacturers are Saeco, DeLonghi, Phillips, Jura, Gaggia, Breville, Rancilio and Rocket. We have our commercial manufacturer brands as well that provide equipment for professional use. La Cimbali, Nuovo Simonelli, Saeco, Ceado, Bezzera and La Marzocco are our major professional espresso equipment manufacturers. 

If you are looking forward to buying the best espresso machine or coffee beans anywhere in Canada, then Anthony’s Espresso Equipment is the best for you. You can find us by simply searching keywords like “buy espresso machine Canada” or “commercial espresso machine Toronto.” Our website is, where you can find all the above-mentioned products and equipment. You can always find the right coffee equipment or product on this website and we are more than happy to help you to do this. 


We provide services for both home-use and professional products. Our major home-use brands are Saeco, , DeLonghi, Phillips, Jura, Gaggia, Breville, Rancilio and Rocket and our major professional manufacturers are La Cimbali, Nuovo Simonelli, Saeco, Ceado, Bezzera and La Marzocco. Our services include espresso machines, grinders, coffee, maintenance, accessories, parts, service center.

Espresso Machines

We sell a wide variety of espresso machines, including both home-use and professional ones. We sell both super-automatic and manual machines. Therefore, you can buy whichever is convenient for you. All these products are available on our website You can simply visit this website and by the espresso machine that you want. 

On this website, you can use the filters to find the best espresso machine under your budget. Or if you don’t have any idea about espresso machines while buying, you can just simply contact us. We are always ready and more than happy to help you. 

Our espresso machine brands include Bezzera, Breville, Caffitaly, Delonghi, ECM, Essse, Gaggia, illy, Jura, Lavazza, Lelit, Miele, Nuova Simonelli, Phillips, Profitec, Quick Mill, Rancilio, Rocket, Saeco and SPM. Espresso machines of all these brands are available on this website.  You can contact us if you need any help while choosing the best machine. The minimum cost of espresso machines is $149, with a maximum of $17000 and a medium price range being of around $1000 to $8000, respectively.


Coffee bean grinders are equally important to have. So, don’t forget to purchase a good coffee grinder from If you are purchasing a machine, then it would be better if you purchase a good grinder as well as it will be of much help to you and you don’t have to grind the beans in old school way using mortar pestle. It is both an energy and time-wasting method to do such a thing as grinding coffee in a mortar pestle, so why not just buy a good grinder, right? 

Grinder brands available on are Breville, Ceado, Compak, Delghoni, Lelit, Quick Mill, Rancilio and Rocket. The grinders price range from $100 minimum to $5000 maximum.  Medium price ranges around $500 to $2000. 

Coffee and Tea

Both important and local coffee is available on Anthonys Espresso. We are well known for providing quality coffee beans from worldwide reputed roasters like Essse, Caffe, Illy, Lavazza, Moak and others. Coffee beans from local Canadian roasters are also available on this website. Therefore, the customers have a wide range of options whether they want to support the local roasters or buy the imported ones. 

The minimum cost would be around $7, with that the maximum cost around $180. Anthony’s Roccobar Gran Crema, Bellacaff, Augustus and other brands of coffee like Lavazza Super Crema, Gran Espresso, etc., are some of the popular coffees available on


We need to take care of things that we purchase and taking care of espresso machines or grinders are also equally important. Some minor maintenance of espresso machines is required to ensure their cleanliness and longevity. Anthony’s espresso brings you the solution for this as well, and hence, you can find a wide variety of descalers and cleaners on this website.

The minimum price of maintenance products is $8, and the maximum price is around $400. Maintenance products popular brands like Saeco, Phillips, Breville, Delonghi, etc., are available, as well as Anthony’s maintenance products are also available. The popular maintenance products are affordable, which would cost around $10 to $50.  Hence, you can buy a good decalcifier from a brand like Saeco for as low as $10.


You might need some really durable yet elegant cups and vessels to serve coffee, and Anthony’s Espresso is right here for you to provide what you are looking for. Be it cups, glassware, syrups or, barista gears, and every necessary accessory is available on

The minimum price of accessories such as cups starts at around $3, with the maximum price being $450. However, the most popular accessories are available at reasonable prices, around $10 to $100. 


Anthony’s Espresso is one of the largest authorized manufacturers of espresso equipment. Hence, we are always stocked with all the necessary equipment parts as well. However, parts are not available in our showrooms, and only some parts are available online. Therefore, the quickest possible way to check the availability of any parts is to send an email to You will get the response and further support within 24 hours.

The smallest parts, like the milk intake tubes, clamps, water tank seals, etc., cost around $5 to $30. Bigger parts like a carafe or valves would cost around $100 to $170.

Service centers

Our service locations are Anthony’s Espresso Vaughan- 80 Carlauren Road, Unit 12 Woodbridge, Ontario, CANADA L4L725, Telephone: 1 (905) 264-0433 and Anthony’s Espresso Toronto- 3200 Dufferin Street, Unit 11 Toronto, Ontario, CANADA M6A 3B2, Telephone: 1 (416) 783-0555.

You can book for service on our website by providing your name, address, contact, equipment name, model number, approximate manufacture date and the problem or, you can simply contact and visit the service center yourself.

Why Anthony’s Espresso?

We are better equipped, and we have some really good manufacturer brands than our competitors. Also, we have been providing excellent service for over 20 years and we are the most credible one in Canada. We have been involved in the espresso business for over 20 years. Hence, we are knowledgeable and very well equipped with products and services. 

Anthony’s espresso has proved to be the best consumer testing among espresso products and service providers. We are the best at what we do. This has led to us being the preferred warranty center for Philips-Saeco.

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