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On-demand Handyman Services App: Smart Way to fix Issues


About – Uber for Handyman

People, especially working professionals, don’t get time for household chores. The unavailability of resources and limited time restricts and affects personal life. It is a little difficult to find people who can finish your household chores. Routine tasks are tedious and time-consuming. Thanks to an on-demand handyman app that can cater to your multiple demands for plumbing, electricians, and carpenters. The one app will let you connect to Uber for plumber services, electricians, and multiple services. Thus, business owners can offer multiple services by a single app and without any large investment. An initial investment at the start can bring out life-time profits.

Handymen can download the app and register by creating their profiles and deliver services related to their respective domains. There are different types of household-related tasks. Professionals belonging to their professions can easily provide on-demand solutions requested by users or customers.

Working of the App


  • Register by downloading the app.


  • Add contact details and address.
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  • Select services from the available menu.


  • Select the preferred delivery and time slot.


  • Services get delivered at the doorsteps.

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Development – On-demand Handyman App

  • Essentials for the App

Let’s take an example of the development of Uber for Electrician. There will be three panels provided for service providers, users, and business owners. Users and service providers can download, register and create the account. Now, they can chat and communicate with each other. Business owners can keep eyes through the dashboard and get updates.

  • App Installation & Approval

  • White Label Solution: A white label solution can be sold by other companies as they had formulated it.
  • Lifetime License

  • Secure & Licensed Source Code

Responsive Web Panel: A responsive web design can be automatically resized to different devices like PCs, tablets, smartphones, etc. This is an important part of the development as different users prefer to use different types of devices.

  • Integration of Payment Gateways

An integrated platform will let users choose multiple payment gateways without any mess. Users can easily select any type of option. Besides the traditional method of payment systems, third-party payment gateways are also available. Even, most people prefer to choose third-party payment gateways like Pay Pal. Such factors directly impact customers’ retention rate.

Uber-like Features

  • User-friendly

A user-friendly app is easy to understand and can help users to easily navigate and choose the desired option.

  • Multi-lingual & Currency Support
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Users can get updates in their native languages; this will help target users worldwide. The multi-currency support will show cost updates in different currencies.

  • Referrals

Users can earn discounts, promo codes through referrals through social media channels like Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.

  • Creative Design

The compelling design and easy-to-use outlook are the perfect mixtures of a creative app. A unique design, followed by a modern infrastructure, should be unique and theme-based. A contemporary outlook has a direct impact on customers’ retention rate.

  • Multiple Payment Option

Users can choose the desired payment option through multiple availabilities. Multiple payment options are credit cards, debit cards, third-party gateways.

  • Flexible Scheduling

Users can book services instantly or schedule it for later. This is one of the important features of an on-demand app. Such options offer personalized solutions to users.

  • Customization

Apps can be customized as per the requirements of business owners. Features can be added or modification can be done easily.

  • Real-time Tracking

Users can easily track the location through GPS. Furthermore, they can share their live location. The inbuilt navigation will help in getting real-time updates related to service providers.

Whether you are planning to develop Uber for on-demand carpentry app or other, such features should be considered.

Some features will be common while some not. Let’s talk about the development of the business owners’ app.

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Admin Panel

The dashboard will help owners to cumulatively keep their eyes on plumbers, electricians and carpenters apps. Owners can easily access to apps and manage other panels. They can easily add and amend changes. Check out some features of the admin panel.

  • Manage Bookings

Using this option, owners can easily track and manage to book.

  • Analytics

Users can easily get detailed reports related to the business through advanced analytics. For example, they can keep eyes on commissions earned, requests, cancellations, orders, and other essentials.

  • Manage Work

Owners can easily manage and assign work to handymen. They can further check reviews and other details.

  • Tracking

This option will help in tracking the location of service providers.

  • Instant Notification

Service providers and customers will be notified through instant notification. For example, users can keep eyes and get updates related to discounts, arrival, bill estimates, etc.

  • Manage Payment

Manage payments and optimize prices. Set commissions and much more.


Customers, handymen, and owners can download apps and start with a simple registration. Users can book and opt for any service, and business owners can earn a profit on every service. The above information is ample to develop an on-demand handy app.


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