10 Easy Steps to Write a Stellar Essay Fast in Exam

Even if you call yourself a professional in writing papers, it doesn’t mean you can perform the same when it comes to writing in a hurry and also under the pressure of exams. Even the most experienced authors sometimes feel lost under pressure and make silly mistakes. To avoid those, we recommend checking on these pro tips. 

Look through your notes before the exam

 You definitely have notes to look through – start with them instead of reading your textbook. Textbooks take too much time, and there is no chance in hell; you will remember everything. Of course, if you have weeks to prepare, you have to pay attention to books, but if we are talking day or two here, you need to focus only on major notes. In most of the essays, you don’t need to describe things in detail. You need to show a general understanding.

 Practice at home to write in a given time

 Professional academic writers working for fast essay writing services like CheapWritingHelp (which helps students with writing papers at affordable prices) say that everything comes with practice. You are not born with an ability to write fast and complete difficult essays on time. So, you need to practice. The topic is not critically important, but it is good if you manage to find a topic relevant to your future exam. Give yourself 15-20 minutes and draft an essay. Twenty minutes a day is nothing, you have this amount of time. 

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Make some “hook” notes in your discipline

 A good essay always has several “hooks,” and your task is to find them. For a hook, you can use some interesting facts, some fresh research, new information that wasn’t given during the course, etc. In some situations, you can use your own experience as a hook, but it is not always relevant. Make sure you spread your hooks throughout the essay and add one just in the beginning. 

 Read questions carefully – don’t black out!

 Many students report about an interesting effect. When they start reading exam questions, they feel like they will blackout soon. They cannot concentrate on reading. All the words seem foreign, they simply can’t understand the topic of the essay and some subsections they have to cover. The reason is simple — your brain is panicking. You are stressed and afraid, and your body receives signals of threat, you want to flee or fight. Our brain is not programmed to read when he feels a necessity to flee or fight. So, it is better to spend a minute relaxing. Close your eyes, take several deep breaths (4-6 in-breaths per minute) and only then start reading and writing.

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Give yourself five minutes or so for a brief plan

 Again, don’t think that this way, you lose time. Without a coherent plan, you won’t be able to write an interesting essay, because you will get stuck in the middle. Draft a preliminary plan which covers all the questions you have for this essay and only then starts with your essay itself. 

Set time frame for each part and write it down

 Next to the parts of the plan note time frame, you have to finish it in. Remember that you have to leave some time for proofreading. The plan won’t have if you don’t set up time frames, as you will give yourself more minutes than needed to finish every point, and in the end, you will stay without a conclusion, which is hardly a good idea.

Write everything, proofread everything

 Many students keep making the same mistake — they write an abstract and proofread it, write another one and proofread it, and so till the time is off. While it can be a beneficial strategy when it comes to writing a paper at home, it can kill your schedule during the exam. Finish the paper, and only then proofread everything. 

Read questions one more time just to make sure

 Do you remember the blackout? Even if you give yourself several minutes for some deep breaths, it doesn’t mean you got immediately fully ready to perceive information deeply. So, now, read questions one more time and make sure you didn’t miss something.

Edit only technical mistakes and omissions

 There is no chance you have enough time to proofread your entire essay deeply, several times, as required. So, first of all, pay attention to the most obvious things – technical grammar mistakes and spelling omissions. These are the first ones to get rid of.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t have time for proofreading

It is not easy to accept, but there is a chance you won’t have enough time to proofread your paper. Don’t get discouraged. First of all, you need to make sure you have Introduction, Body Part, and Conclusions. Later, you have to make sure all questions are covered. If you don’t have time for proofreading – let it be. Professors know the pressure, and they can always tell when you do your best, even leaving some technical mistakes in the text.

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