The importance of being transparent in business


There are many factors and aspects within the business world that need to be heavily considered, thought about, and implemented if a business wishes to grow and be successful, one of which being transparency. So, if you are looking for ways to boost your business’s success and help it grow, continue to read on to learn about the importance of transparency within a business. 

What is transparency? 

First and foremost, it must be highlighted what transparency actually is. In the business realm, transparency is the basis of trust between a company and its stakeholders and important people such as customers, partners, and employees). So, for there to be transparency, there needs to be trust. When framed in this perspective, hopefully, it is relatively easy to understand why transparency is important- because, without trust, customers, partners, and employees are unlikely to stay loyal to the organization. 

Increase employee morale 

So, one reason as to why it is important to be transparent is that it can help to increase the morale of employees. Your employees are intelligent, smart, and skilled; it is safe to assume, otherwise why would you have hired them? So, treat them as such. Rather than trying to avoid telling them about certain things that are happening within the company, you must be transparent with them and tell them what you are doing. For instance, if your business is in the process of letting a number of employees go, rather than giving them the news abruptly, you could discuss this with certain employees gradually so that they can be prepared and make the appropriate actions and decisions. If you are successful at being transparent, it is more likely that employees will trust you and that employee morale will be high. 

Transparency increases efficiency 

Another reason as to why being transparent is important to business is that it has the potential to increase efficiency. If you can e transparent and communicate well with your employees, it is more likely that you can grow, as you can address any issues at hand and become better. So, for example, if employees at a manufacturing company inform you that the process of transporting heavy objects across the factory floor is too difficult, you could invest in some technology provided on to ease this pressure. Doing so will make your employees happy and boost the overall productivity of the business. So, it is important to be transparent, communicate well, and listen if you want your business to be successful.  

Transparency increases profitably

Further, transparency is important as it can increase profitability. If the company fosters transparency, then employees are inclined to work harder, get more done, and are more likely to generate and come up with innovative ideas. So, overall, a transparent company is more likely to generate more profit as employees work well. Also, if a company is transparent with customers, there is the potential to build trust and customer loyalty, which again can increase overall profitability. 

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