Stargazer Lily: The Perfect Flower for Any Occasion

When it is about home decor, a party decor, and decor for a festival or something to gift on a birthday, what is the first thing that most of us think about, I bet it must be flowers. Flowers are lovely to suit any occasion and to compliment any gift. Everyone feels amushing when they see and come across fragrance of flowers.

When you open the door at midnight on your birthday and find a delivery boy standing with a bunch of flowers and a cake, you melt then and there. Moreover, if it is Lily, you are going to fall in love with the mesmerising fragrance, beautiful appearance and freshness.

Where and How to Use Stargazer Lily?

Stargazer Lily; let’s begin the conversation right from its origin. If you are planning to put an attractive or eye-catching plant in your garden, you must opt for this ultimate glory. 

The plant has a capability of blooming flowers in a bunch. You will be able to see 6 to 7 flowers or even more at a time. 

It has a vibrant colour, nice size and a beautiful look that anyone would get stuck for a glare. An additional benefit of planting these flowers in your garden is that these flowers are cheerful during the early summer; when most of your other plants and flowers are dry. It will not let your yard look dull and empty. 

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You can plant this item in your front office or home garden, in your balcony or even the backyard. You will never regret it in front of your eyes ever.

Now, moving onto it’s after plucking uses:

  • The lasting of the flower is more than 24 hours after plucking. So, if you are in the habit of decorating your sideburns, dining table, living area and other places in your home with fresh flowers; this is the best choice.
  • Apart from that, if you are bored of seeing the typical flower arrangement of roses and orchids around you at every party, you can try this variation. However, you can blend it up with other flowers with contrast colours like water lilies, lotus, sunflower, or any other of your choice. It is going to add all over a different class to your decoration. 
  • You can use these flowers for indoor as well as outdoor decoration. It looks good in the natural daylight as well as artificial illumination at night. You can use it for decorating the stage or outlets and seating arrangement tables for your guests. The flower creates its unique ambience as per its use. You can say it acts just like ornaments on any dress.
  • Now, the most useful thing you can do with these flowers is sending as a gift. Even if you are getting it delivered in some other city and there is any delay in the delivery; the flowers are not going to lose their freshness.
  • You can even use it as a gift if you are personally going to any birthday party, dinner party, anniversary or house-warming party. Your bouquet will look quite royal and different from others. 
  • If you have an artistic mind, you can make use of these flowers to add a decorative look to your home. You can soft dry these flowers, press and get it framed to make it a wall hanging. The spread leaves and the texture of the flower after drying remain intact.
  • You can also use these flowers to make the rangoli. The welcome decor that can be made easily and also removed quickly without creating a mess. You can customise the designs as per your purpose. You can try it during the festivals or casually when a special guest is to arrive at your home.
  • Last but not least, I love plating, and this is out of my personal experience. Whenever I cook some exotic desserts or starters, I use the leaves of Stargazer Lily as my plate highlighter. With taste, this presentation offers a pleasant feel to the guests eating it. You can try arranging your dish with the complete flower or its leaves depending upon your meal and your personal view.
  • If you are not particular about offering roses to God while praying, you can use these flowers. Most of the time we try to go for the roses, that has a long-lasting and filled with fragrance, it satisfies both the purpose well.

Final Words:

This multipurpose all-season flower is perfect for any occasion, any purpose and any time. Once you start using this flower and feel it around you; it will surely be your favourite flower out of so many beautiful flowers available in the flora across this globe.


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