5 Email Mistakes to Avoid in Your First Marketing Campaign

Common email marketing mistakes

Running your first email marketing campaign surely is no easy task. While you might feel like you have so much to do and little knowledge in doing them, there are plenty of tips and tricks you can use in order to get it right.

The best way to do that is by taking into consideration what you should avoid doing in order to succeed. There are certain mistakes every newbie would make which are totally possible to avoid. Here are some of the common email mistakes and how you can use them to your advantage.

  1. Not starting off correctly

Welcome emails are a thing many companies skip as they believe they might come off as a bad introduction of the company to the customer. In reality, they couldn’t be more wrong. When someone is signing up for your email list, they are the most interested in your company and that is when it is the best time to approach them.

In general, it is way more likely for the person to see that first email rather than your following ones. If you leave a good impression through the first one, they will most likely be looking forward to the ones that follow.

Your welcome email should be brief, and it should consist of a few words about who you are, what your company does and what they can expect from you in the future. Welcoming them to your email list will help them get a better understanding of how the emails that will follow will be and they will help your new subscribers look forward to them.

  1. Not devoting enough time to compose the email

Making enough time to compose your emails is always important if you wish for your campaign to be successful. In order to make an email interesting for your readers, you will have to include some useful and interesting facts, enough links to products or other things on your website, some interesting moments from your social media accounts as well as some audiovisual content.

There are all things which will need some time in order to be gathered and put together in order to create a well-built result. In order for your email to also look appropriate and professional for your brand, you should invest some time in learning how to use a simple email template design tool.

Such a tool will help you personalize your emails with interesting templates which will make the email a lot more appealing and help you stand out from your competitors. While this might require some extra time when it comes to composing and putting together the email, it can help you make a big difference in how you present it to your audience.

An important part of this also has to be creating interesting subject lines for your emails. An email that is not rushed will have an interesting subject line which will motivate the recipient to open it and read it with a lot more excitement.

  1. Not making your emails mobile-friendly

In our day and time, most people use their mobile devices wherever they are and read their emails through them. Going through your emails on your mobile device while being on the go, is a lot easier and practical than having to wait until you are in your office or back home.

Optimizing your emails for mobile phones will help you get your subscribers to open them and go through them a lot easier. Being able to read them through their smartphones and tablets will be a lot more convenient for them and they will be a lot more likely to open future emails you send them as they will know they will be able to view them wherever they are.

  1. Not proofreading your emails

This is a problem that many smaller businesses go through, mainly due to a lack of funds. Whether you are the one putting together the email you wish to send or have somebody else compose it for you, you should never send it off without proofreading it first.

This step is very important to follow as it can play an important role in how your readers will view your company. An email that is full of grammar mistakes and simple spelling errors will definitely not be considered professional.

Simple mistakes like these might make your company seem less trustworthy in the eyes of your customers and they can cause you to experience a decrease in your sales and overall reputation. The better put-together your emails are and the more certain you are that they are free of mistakes, the better your email marketing campaign will perform.Use a reliable writing service if you need help with the technical aspect such as editing or proofreading.

  1. Not sending your emails at the right time

Since you’re just starting out, this might not necessarily be considered a mistake at the moment, but in the future, you will come to find that it can be a great one. You have probably noticed yourself that certain emails you receive from certain companies always come in at a certain time and day. That is not a coincidence but rather a well-planned tactic.

Sending your emails at the right time means that your audience will be more active and therefore it will be more possible for them to read the email around the time they receive it. While you might have to experiment a little bit and see which times and days work the best for you, there are some rules you can follow.

First of all, you should always send your emails at the same time and same day. This will create a habit for your audience and they will end up expecting them after a little while. Depending on the age group of the people who are subscribed to your email list, you should plan the time when you will send them.

If you’re sending out emails on a daily basis, it is best to send them either during lunchtime or in the late evening when your audience will probably be home from school, work and other outdoor activities. No matter how much you wish to simply send an email as soon as you’re done correcting it and putting it together, you should wait until the time is right.

On top of that, you can also always automate the process and have a certain schedule of when you’re supposed to send off each and every email. This will help you stay consistent with your email marketing and it will have your audience look forward to receiving your emails.

Creating the right email marketing campaign

You might think that running your first email marketing campaign is a difficult task, but just like anything else, it takes practice to fully master it. You need to keep in mind that each marketing campaign is individual and there are things which might and might not work out for you.

In general, though, these simple mistakes often found in companies’ emails can help you make a large difference in the way you create and send your emails. At the end of the day, avoiding them can help you create a successful marketing campaign which will leave your readers happy.

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