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How to Get a Digital Signature Certificate in India

A digital signature may be a thanks to determine yourself on-line. similar to passports, driver’s licences, and PAN cards enable you to prove your identity offline, digital signatures allow you to prove your identity on-line. To do this, you wish a digital signature certificate which helps you to sign documents digitally. If you’re curious the way to get a digital signature certificate, what it is, or why you even would like it, you’re within the right place. during this article, we’ll make a case for everything you wish to grasp regarding digital signature certificates.

Is digital signature an equivalent as AN electronic signature? 

No, a digital signature online is completely different. Electronic signatures aren’t encrypted and may be one thing as easy as you causation “I accept” via email to mention, your CA or fund manager. Digital signatures ought to be encrypted and contain data regarding your identity, and these are often accustomed access sensitive personal data like your account on the taxation Department’s web site.

Where am i able to use a digital signature certificate?

A digital signature certificate is sort of helpful in Asian nation since digitally signed documents ar accepted by varied government agencies and ar permissible during a court of law too. you’ll use digital signature certificates to e-file your taxation returns, for a Registrar of corporations e-filing, on-line auctions (such as e-tenders), and to sign documents like PDFs.

If you’ve got a digital signature certificate, you don’t got to send signed laborious copies of documents. this may prevent loads of your time, to not mention the trouble it takes to sign multiple documents. due to the secret writing employed in these certificates, you’ll even be positive that the person or company receiving the documents is aware of that these documents ar real.

What ar the various categories of digital signature certificate?

There ar 3 categories of digital signature certificate and their functions ar as follows:

Class 1: The name and email address of people are often verified. this is often to not be employed by corporations.

Class a pair of: a category 2 digital signature certificate verifies the identity of someone against a pre-verified, trustworthy  information. this is often the one required for corporations or trusts to file their tax returns.

Class 3: this is often the very best and most secure digital signature certificate accessible in Asian nation. to urge this someone has to gift himself or herself ahead of a registration authority to prove his or her identity. This class is required for those that wish to participate in on-line auctions or tenders.

How am i able to get a Digital Signature Certificate in India?

The Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) underneath the Ministry of physical science authorised sure certifying authorities to issue digital signature certificates. you’ll realize the total list of commissioned certifying authorities on the CCA web site

How long may be a digital signature certificate valid?

There ar differing types of digital signature certificate accessible and whereas obtaining one, you’ll opt for the validity length in addition. At the instant, you’ll purchase digital signature certificates that ar valid for up to a few years, with the minimum length being one year.

How much will is price to urge a digital signature certificate?

Certifying authorities in Asian nation don’t sometimes sell category one certificates. the explanation is also as a result of category a pair of and three certificates ar most typically used on government portals which category one doesn’t attest something except your name and email address. the costs of digital signature certificates vary from supplier to supplier and you’ll check the rates with every of them yourself. we tend to checked Emudhra and their website offers digital signature certificates from Rs. 899 to Rs. 5,999 looking on the category, duration, and also the form of certificate you wish.

Does anyone provide a free digital signature certificate in India?

If you’re willing to shop for a USB token to store your digital signature certificate (for around Rs. 750), then you’ll even get the certificate for free of charge via sites like Free DSC.

What ar the documents required to urge a digital signature certificate?

For class a pair of and sophistication three digital signature certificates, the documents required ar genuine  copies of AN identity proof ANd an address proof. You’ll ought to get these documents genuine by a gazetted officer or a manager. Identity proof includes documents like passport, PAN card, driving license, or alternative government-issued IDs. you’ll check this together with your certifying authority for confirmation.

Address proof includes documents like the newest phone bill, electricity bill, or water bill, or citizen ID card, passport, etc. These documents vary for corporations, and yet again it’s best to see together with your certifying authorities before continuing.

How long will it desire get a digital signature certificate in India?

Most certifying authorities take between 3 and 7 operating days to issue a digital signature certificate in Asian nation.

Where do I store my digital signature certificate?

Digital signature certificates ar soft copies that you simply will store on your laptop. or else, you’ll obtain a USB token to store these certificates, that is taken into account safer. Note that if you delete this certificate or lose the USB token, there’s no thanks to recover it. you’ll got to revoke that digital signature certificate and apply for a replacement one.

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