Best practices for designing product page in e-commerce

As everyone knows that “your product page is the most important page on your site” as it is the last page a buyer sees just before buying the product from your website. As an e-commerce site owner, you’re going to generate almost all your income from your product pages, that’s where people can add something to their cart and buy.

The product page must:

  • Grab the buyers’ attention immediately to the add to cart button
  • Build trust in the product and company
  • Explain the product and company
  • Upsell or resell to increase AOV

Now, we are going for designing product pages that are 100% free; we are not going to use any of the paid themes, we are not going to use paid apps, we are literally, we are just going to use a Shopify theme, As there are lot of different ways to make product pages, so, we are going to make all this free and do what we can do for the best of our ability.

What a simple product page needs to be created or designed?

  • little product description
  • some pictures
  • some little caption
  • some specifications know reviews

so, this was basically all basic things used to design a simple product page, let’s see how we can make it even more 100 & 1000 times better. So, the first thing I like to do before we get into any of the content or copy or anything on the product page, so I go to the online store, go to themes and hit the customize and change the fonts and the colours. They really have so much impact on how your store looks and how it is really perceived by people who visited. 

So, the practices for designing product pages are as follows:

  • Clear CTA

So, the first important thing that makes the most of the buyers confused is the visibility and clearness of “Add to Cart” and “proceed to checkout” buttons, if they are not consistent and highly visible. You must ensure that these CTAs are clearly seen buttons. As the online shoppers have been conditioned to look for buttons and non-standard UI will create confusion at exactly the wrong time when the product is just one step away to get sold.

  • Product photos

Product photos help in giving the buyer a strong grasp of what he/she is buying. Is the product according to what they need? Or is the product as described? And this is the reason why you should need Awesome product photos.

  • 3D Viewer 

Using 3D Viewer, customers are able to explore and inspect products more freely on your ecommerce product page, and This experience provides customers with control over information, which can positively impact their buying decisions because they will have a greater understanding of the attributes, features, and functions of that product. 

  • Speed

some of the product pages are very slow as they should be responsive and fast, these pages can kill confidence and breed impatience, So, just set up the overly designed pages to load fast and respond even faster.

  • Customer confidence

Build customer confidence by communicating for sizing, return policies, quality, and customer service commitments that will make your visit comfortable buying from you like if the product delivered is wrong, not according to his requirements. By return policies, he can make a return for the product he was not expecting. Provide product reviews to the top just because product reviews and testimonials from other customers let visitors or buyers know that they are not alone in the purchase, there are many other buyers who liked the product.

  • Cut the Clutter

As the business ends up just because of not being sure what page elements drive sales, businesses end up cluttering product pages and dense text and frivolous functionality. It’s up to you to fight for simplicity on these pages. Sure, it often makes sense to have recommendations, reviews, and other functionality; but they shouldn’t muddle the call to action that helps move the sale forward

  • Product Description

The description is the best way for ranking well in the search as well as the product description on the product page is essential for converting users. Take the time to produce a unique copy that describes the product in a way that engages your target customers. the content should not be duplicate


Now, we have a better understanding that product pages can either make or break your website. It up to you to create an experience that coverts as many visitors into customers and it’s possible with using the right tips and the 3D Viewer as they are making a great impact in online shopping these days. I hope by using these tips, your conversion will increase right along with your customer satisfaction. 

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