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12 Ways to Get More Fan Following on Social Networking Sites!

Social media, a remarkable platform to express yourself without confronting the world directly. Over 70% of the total population of teenagers use Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc. in their everyday life. Some of them use these kinds of websites in their leisure time whilst some use it for making some money. To earn an ample amount of money through social networking sites, the only thing you need to do is to have a great fan following. If you want to have a great fan following then do follow these 12 astounding tips:


You need to find influencers in your niche, and when you get the perfect one, share, comment, and tag their posts. When they see you working, in return, they will also share your content with their followers.

Post Original

Getting inspired by someone is a good thing, but going on the same trend gets a bit common. You need to think out of the box, but keep that in mind that post original content. To gain more followers, many people post false news, though they are gripping, and they do gain some followers, but when someone will justify that this post is fake, then they are boomed. So post original, post new.

Engage Them in Your Fantasy

Try to be responsive. Posting daily, creates a good impression of you amongst your followers. Try to engage them with different things, post your real-life stories, your experiences, and your reviews on certain things. Once you will blend-up with your followers, then the day is not far, when you will get paid for every post of yours.


For every post, hashtags are very important, without them, the post looks as if it is incomplete. When you are using these kinds of social networking sites for commercial use, adding hashtags, will signify your appearance. There are many websites, such as, who help you create one of the best hashtags for your post.

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Work collectively

There are hundreds of social networking sites on which you can work to earn some money. Some popular ones are YouTube, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Reddit, Quora, etc. When you work on most of these websites, you get to work on more platforms, and get to connect with many followers too. So by this, you get more fans following as well as have more opportunities to present your work.

Use engaging tools

When you get an opportunity to use some basic tools, try to use them. When people use these kinds of engaging tools, your followers get impressed and they share your page or tag your page. So always try to use these tools and engage your followers with your new story or new post.

Quality, Not Quantity

Posting often is mandatory, if you want to gain a significant amount of followers. A social media marketing agency is located in almost every office and they search for those blogs who have gripping keywords and very nice content. So if you want your page to get identified, never plagiarize, and use websites like for checking your content’s linguistic skills.

Social Media Accounts

If you have an account on Facebook, so mention the page name in each of your Instagram posts or story, and vice versa. By doing so, your Instagram followers will start following you on Facebook as well, and you can show-off with your work with more people now.

Followings, Leads to Followers

The more you follow, the more you get in everyone’s eyes. For creating contacts, follow brands and companies who have the target audience you want. Once you follow them, never get disheartened that you have fewer followers, everything takes some time, give some time to yourself too. Work consistently with the same passion and zeal, and you will reach the ultimate goal for sure.

Promote Through Marketing Strategies

To increase your fan following on social networking sites, marketing strategies are really important. Engage your followers with different marketing strategies, but keep that in mind that the strategy you make should be beneficial for your followers as well as you, if you do not gain any sort of advantage, so you should not gain a disadvantage too. Marketing strategies should be created in such a way that more people get attracted, so start working on some online deals.


Everyone loves free stuff, if you could use your income or your pocket money on your followers, then giving free stuff is the best way for promotion. Though this kind of marketing strategy is a bit high maintenance, but when you get followers, you will know that this idea was the best.

Humor and Education

There are always two sides of a coin, from which you have to choose only one, but that is not the case with social networking sites, in this, you have hundreds of opportunities and thousands of chances. Provide educational-base post which might attract students, and also share funny posts, which will make your page gain a great fan-following.

Best of luck for getting thousands of followers! 

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