12 Tips to Simplify Office Relocation


Relocating an office is much more challenging than shifting home. Be it the number of equipment to be shifted or managing the office workload; everything demands pre-planning to a prior stage.

Just to help you with accurate planning, here are 12 major aspects or things that should be kept in mind while you are moving your office to a new place.

The appropriate time to shift

In any business stream, there are low and high times. When relocating your office, make sure you judge your business peak season or time and then make a decision to switch your office.

For instance- if you are running an IT firm, opting for Christmas time is the best option as most of the organisations and employees enjoy a week off during the festive time.

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Hire professional movers-

No matter if you are running a start-up or a fortune 500 organisation, hiring professional movers in Adelaide is a must. There are several movers and packers providing on-demand convenient services, including- office relocation, cleaning, storage, etc.

All you need is to associate with the leaders of the industry, and the rest is their job.

Systematic packing-

For once, you can accept the fact that all belongings can be packed with similar care and processes, but it is not the case when you are dealing with commercial belongings.

Here, you need to systemise the packaging process for machinery & furniture items. For this, seeking local removalists in Adelaide is the safest option.

Label everything-

Just to let your professional packers be concerned about the delicate items, make sure you label everything to make their job easier.

Prior adjustments-

Make the necessary arrangements on a prior stage. For instance, hire the best movers from your vicinity, adjust office timings accordingly, etc.

Set a budget for office moving-

Office relocation comes under office expenses, so make sure you ask your accounting department to keep a hawk-eye on all the expenses made throughout the period. This is important to spend money wisely. To spend minimum yet get maximum benefits, the best you can do is demand quotation from several movers and packers to go with the most suitable option at last.

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Require commercial storage?

Most of the organisations never prefer to move with their old-school furniture items. In simple language, the perception is, if the office premises is new, so should be the furniture and other things. In this scenario, getting a commercial storage space is mandatory. If required, such arrangements should be made at the prior stage.

Make a checklist-

If you think you will forget something at the end, make a checklist to get rid of such issues.

Request help-

You never know what personal belongings your employees’ leave at their desk. To get rid of the hassle of which coffee mug or any other item belongs to which employee, you can simply request your employees to be a helping hand in need of the hour.

Communicate this idea with employees-

Make sure the office relocation is not a surprise for your employees or the office boys. Such announcements should be conveyed at an earlier stage so that employees can change their regular schedules accordingly.

Create a separate department for it-

This one is a feasible and recommended option for fortune 500 organisations. On a temporary basis, you can create an independent department managing all the office relocation operations.

Manage your workload-

As you know, you are going to shift your office, it is important you ask your managers to manage the workload and priority deadlines on an immediate basis.

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Hope you will find these tips meaningful and somewhere helpful when you decide to shift to your new office.

The final word-

Shifting your office is a daunting task as the nature of the equipment to be shifted is valuable than anything else. It is not just the source to run an office but is the major part of the investment made by an entrepreneur.

This somewhere makes hiring professional movers, and packer mandatory for all those offices thinking to shift to new premises. It doesn’t just help with the basic shifting process, but somewhere ensures complete security for the commercial belongings.