Will Hero Game

will hero game

In this article, you will get everything about the Will Hero game. If you want some information about the game or if you were searching for the latest Will Hero game, then this article is going to help you a lot. Because we have provided every single detail about the game.

You will get to learn about so many amazing facts about the game that most of the gamers don’t know. So, you are a fan of this game or want to play it, then this article completely and carefully. You will learn a lot of facts about the game like its features, game contents, etc.

Will Hero Game

Will Hero is an Arcade game that has very attractive and engaging gameplay. The game starts with the player who has to go through the floating islands full of orcs. Orcs are the enemies of the player and the player have to kill them with the help of different weapons.

You (as a player) will also get the companions in the game. You can get several companions like Princess, Falcon, Elf Fay Wizard, Red Baron and Angel at different levels of the game. They will help you to kill enemies in different ways. You can download Will Hero Mod Apk if you want to have unlimited money in it.

Will Hero Game
Will Hero Game

Will Hero Update

  • Monkey Frank is introduced as a new follower.
  • Updated Sheep Mechanics.
  • Improvements in Graphics.
  • The new update comes with sounds improvements also.
  • New emojis have replaced the Ork’s exclamations.

Game Features

  • You can play the game anytime and anywhere.
  • You have to go through several obstacles like bomb, knives, axes, and kicks to save the Princess.
  • The player can attack or perform evade or a dash by just tapping on the screen.
Game Features
Game Features
  • The game controls are very simple. You can even play the game with only one finger.
  • It is an Arcade and Action game.
  • Use your weapon and make your way through with knives, axes, kicks, and bombs and enemies.
  • Increase the lethal force of your weapons to improve the power of your weapon.
  • You can build a high tower and open various combat spells.
  • A lot of different helmets are available for your Hero Character. You can use any of them.
  • There are different game worlds and dungeons to explore in the game.
  • Look for legendary and rare chests for surprises. You can get Unique Helmets in these chests.
  • You can play the Will Hero game offline.
  • Also, you can compete with your friends and show your skills.

Will Hero Weapons


Type of Weapon: Melee Weapon


  • It can kill below, below and behind the Hero.
  • It swings in circles.
  • As you will upgrade the Flail, it will become more powerful and it will make more damages to the orcs.
  • It is a very common weapon for helmets.


  • Pushing obstacles and enemies with it is harder.
  • Hitting TNT is easier with it.


Type of Weapon: Projectile Weapons


  • It can kill the orcs that are far away from you as throwing spears can reach long distances.
  • Also, it becomes more powerful and does more damage when upgraded.
  • You can also get an idea of the hitting point as the throwing spears will stick either to the orc or the ground.


  • They are uncommon for helmets.
  • Best for the distant orcs but not too good for the orcs near you.


Type of Weapon: Projectile Weapon


  • They can kill the orcs in the long distances.
  • Rockets can go really far until they hit something.
  • You can shot them rapidly.


  • However, upgrades are available for Rockets but it can not increase their damaging power.
  • You will have to face a cloud view.


Type of Weapon: Melee Weapon


  • Hammers can kill orcs who are inside the 3×3 radius.
  • It is harder to hit TNT.
  • These are common for helmets.


  • Hammers cannot kill the orcs above, below or behind the player.
  • And it is easier to die.

Companions for Hero in the Game


Princess is a companion who will have a sword and will be there beside you. She will help you to kill enemies.

Unlocking Level- Level 100


Falcon is a companion that will fly behind the player. And he will shoot and kill the enemies forward in a straight line.

Unlocking Level- Level 200

  1. ELF

Elf id another companion for the player who will shot arrows and help the player to kill the enemies.

Unlocking Level- Level 300

  1. FAY

Unlocking Level- Level 400


Unlocking Level- Level 500


Here is another companion for the player that will fly over the player and will drop the bombs over the enemies.

Unlocking –  Can be Unlocked with 150 Stars

  1. ANGEL

Unlocking – Unlocked with King’s Order Membership

Final Verdict

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