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The only feeling that can make a GTA gamer go bonkers is GTA 5 for an Android mobile phone. Apart from the apparent lack of GTA 5 for an Android mobile, the game GTA 5 is groundbreaking as you get to choose to play as the central anyone from the three main characters. There is so much of depth, development and more features in the world of GTA 5 by Rock star Games, better and bolder than GTA 4. You would love to spend years wanting to explore them.

Kids have spent hours and days altogether exploring GTA 5 and would willingly pay more, only if gta 5 apk had an Android version released. But only if you get the APK file.

GTA 5 is amazing.

Let us introduce the game to you first.

What is GTA 5?

Instead of a boring description of the game, let us start with an interesting fact that will leave you surprised, among the seven Guinness world of records broken by GTA V upon its release; it smashed the record for the fastest video game to make a profit of $1 billion in sales.
GTA 5 is real time action-adventure game which introduces you in the world of an imaginary city; Vice City, in the state of San Andreas which is a world of organized crime. In GTA V, you get to be one of three main characters; mob boss of Los Santos, a third person of the first person. You are also allowed to switch between the three main characters while on a mission.

How to download GTA 5 On Android?

Back in 2013, it was available for only PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. But after a year it was also released for PlayStation4 and Xbox One. Another year later, the developers released a PC version and filled the whole market. Well, almost the entire market was in disappointment because GTA 5 Mobile was not released. Not until now!
Check out the updated latest Android and iOS versions of GTA 5 that were developed primarily to fit right in your little pocket! The entire gameplay and incredible graphics have been taken straight from the PC/console version of the game that is awaiting to come. If you also think of playing GTA 5 on your mobile device, or phone or tablet – here’s your chance of fulfilling the dream.

• Click the download button to download the GTA 5 APK or the GTA 5 IPA file.
• If you are downloading the files to your PC/Mac, transfer them to your Android or iOS device.
• Run the APK file and install it. On Android, it may block your installation due to security reasons. You can fix that by clicking the Settings button and then allowing GTA 5 Android APK to install.
• Once the installation gets completed, run the game from your app drawer or the desktop icon on your device.
• The game will then download data and OBB file and start after it finishes the process.

GTA 5 is the most advanced version of all GTA games. Set in a world, years after the events that took place in Grand Theft Auto IV, Everything is improved compared to the earlier parts of GTA series. Everything is more realistic than it can get. Racing in GTA 5 cars seems like racing, not those bumpy rides that were there in GTA 4 and shooting mechanics have improved effectively. Now isn’t that exactly what you expect from the best games in the market?

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