What is Organizational Behavior? Why it is important in the hospitality industry?

The workforce is the key asset for any organization in the hospitality and tourism industry. The Behavior of the employees is very crucial for any organization as its future business depends upon it. When visiting a place, tourists always look for a memorable experience that forces them to visit again. The whole industry works on building a healthy relationship with clients and customers. A person who is willing to work in the service-providing sector can pursue hospitality and tourism management to enhance their learning.

Let us understand Organizational Behavior (OB) in detail.

Organizational Behavior is an aspect of management that focuses on understanding and controlling individual behaviour within an organization. This subset of management studies the performance of a team and an employee in an organization. Organizational Behavior is a subject that comes under human resource management, and a study of this specialized subject is imperative to the industry mentioned.

For an organization to function efficiently, both the workforce and the management should be in symphony concerning communication which can be both verbal and non-verbal. An employee of the company should have an understanding of acceptable behaviour in a professional setup, and at the same time, the management should be trained enough to deal with situations that a company might face in terms of unacceptable behaviour.

When it comes to the hospitality and tourism industry, there are multiple stakeholders, vis, the customers, the ground staff, the management, etc. Some unforeseen events in this type of setup are very likely to happen and a person who has been trained in Organizational Behavior can very well deal with such situations. 

The situations that have been mentioned can come from any stakeholder but will surely affect the entire organization. For example, a customer might accuse a company staff of harassment; a disagreement or fight might erupt between two employees; an unacceptable comment was made against a female employee, etc. 

Some cases need proper investigation, some of them just need proper communication, and some are so trivial that they can be ignored by the management. The way a company deals with its problems tells a lot about the ethics of that organization.

Jumping to the conclusion is the worst thing to do for a manager in such events; there are defined set of rules and regulations to deal with them. And it is always recommended to follow the standard operating procedure. But sometimes, the problems are beyond the company’s experience and then dealing with them requires a lot of people skills that are necessary to save both the functioning and the image of the company. 

Ultimately, it can be established that a professional working in the service-based industry not only needs to condone the skills related to organizational behaviour but also hone them to become a story of success in the industry. 

Thus, make a well-informed decision and apply to the course today from a leading college or university in Toronto, Canada.

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