Top 10 Websites For Online Movie Streaming

Top 10 Websites For Online Movie Streaming

Any home can become a personal cinema, after all, what is better than ending the day while lounging on the couch watching your favorite blockbuster? It is more convenient than driving to the nearest movie theater, having to buy pricey snacks, and needing to pee midway only to miss the most intense moments. 

The best part of it is you can go to sleep right after, and you don’t have to worry about how much it cost you. Here are the best websites you can go to for online movie streaming.

  • Netflix

If you haven’t heard of Netflix, then it’s time to crawl out of that rock. Netflix is a streaming service that updates its already extensive roster every month with various movies, television series, and cartoons. Netflix also produces original content. They offer a free trial that will expire in 30 days. After, you can get a monthly subscription if you enjoy their services. You can access their website at

  • Amazon Prime Video

It is crazy to think that signing up for a subscription on unlimited streaming of movies can give you free shipping, music, and access to games. That is what Amazon Prime is all about. 

Among its many additional services, Amazon Prime allows you to stream movies and shows from your favorite channels such as HBO, SHOWTIME, and STARZ, apart from their original content and other blockbusters in their service. You can sign up for a free trial and pay for the subscription later. Understand better what you’re getting here:

  • Hulu

Another premium streaming service is “Hulu”. If you find that Netflix or Amazon Prime does not suit your taste, you can try this website, With Hulu, there is a wide variety of alternatives that you can choose. Some of their original shows like The Handmaid’s Tale have won multiple awards. There may be some ads, but they also have an option for a no ads plan.

  • HBO Go, HBO Now

HBO has multiple services to access movies and tv shows that are available to the channel. If you are paying for cable and part of its package is HBO, you would be able to access HBO Go for free. HBO Go gives on-demand access. 

HBO Now is a streaming service that does not require cable and provides award-winning original content, blockbusters, and specials. There is also a rumored HBO Max coming up, which offers HBO Now services and much more. We’ll need to watch out for it in 2020.

  • Sony Crackle

If you are looking for a completely free streaming service, Sony’s Crackle is the best bet for you. While it does not have a wide array, unlike the earlier mentioned subscriptions, you will not pay a cent. That is because the service runs on ads. These ads only show up before and in between the video. It is not a bad price to pay if you want to keep up with your friends. You can still pause in between shows while you go for a bathroom break. Visit their website now,

  • YouTube and YouTube Red

What started as a sharing platform for videos you would want to show your family has now become one of the leading streaming services worldwide. You can watch movies and tv shows from their source channels. You can also pay to rent or buy any film available in their library. While other users post amateur flicks or short films produced with higher quality, many users also post clips of their favorite movies or tv series online, if you only want to watch certain parts. You can also opt for a no-ads version with YouTube Premium, previously Youtube Red.

  • Viu

Have you caught the Korean fever? How about other Asian TeleNovelas? Viu is the perfect video streaming provider for you. It offers extensive selections of famous dramas with English subtitles. It is ad-supported, but you can get a premium subscription and watch it ad-free on your television. You can also invite family and friends to use your premium subscription.

  • Kiss Asian

Asians are stepping up their game and representation in the global film industry. You can also find your favorite K-dramas on the Kiss Asian website, They also offer other shows like Anime and other beloved shows from different parts of Asia. Ads run the site to give you a free alternative. 

If you have taken inspiration from these shows, there are different venues for specific communities. Try crazy and clear contacts for cosplay here.

  • Popcornflix

If you are up for some old films that you can hardly download or stream these days, try Popcornflix: This website allows you completely free access to motion pictures any old soul would enjoy. They also have updated tv shows and some more that you bring nostalgia to the room. The only downside to this free online streaming website is that it runs on ads. A few minutes for an hour of hidden gems is a pretty good deal.

  • Vudu

Indie films usually open only in select cinemas, and it is such a shame to miss them because they’re too far away. Vudu gives you access to these movies even while they’re still on theaters. They also provide a wide selection of free flicks that are supported by ads, apart from their first service of selling and renting digital cinemas. Some of their digital features are even uploaded earlier than the digital releases. Visit their website to know if their services are for you,

There is a lot of competition in the online streaming world; you need to find what is best for you and your family. Try any of the suggestions made in this article to look for the perfect fit.

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