Sponsored Posts and Geo Tags- More About Instagram for Web Design Companies

If you want your business to shine, you need to start creating a business profile on Instagram right away. There are so many ways to get your business started but keeping it alive with such a hard competition around is tough. You need your account to be tight and composed and want people to know about the business you are running. Even if you are into web design, there are higher chances that others might outsmart you. If you don’t want that to happen, it is important that you start working out on ways to get real Instagram followers and grow your business instead. If you want to know-how, some steps might fall right for you.

Pay for the sponsored posts and then reviews of your work:

All kinds of optimized posting are okay, but if you want to make a huge impact, you have to take the right advantage of influencer marketing on IG. It means you need to expose the brand to a wider audience base for now.

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  • For that, you have to learn the tactics on how to grow the account. Those tactics are mainly free of cost. But, if you can follow the steps well, it can add some great values to your business.
  • For that, make sure to create a list of the major accounts within your niche. There are some accounts that you might be following already. 
  • One major way to do so is by using Webstagram and search for some of the closest hash tag based keywords you could possibly find. While searching for such KWs, you will come across some related keywords to use and also some of the top IG accounts featuring those KWs.
  • Make sure to look for the large following on those profiles, which will be within 20K to 200K. There needs to be one email address allotted within the profile as well.

If you find any email address in the profile, it means that the profiles are open for sponsored posts or even a shout out in the sponsored story.

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Proper use of geotags:

Sometimes, other than hashtags, you can also try to create IG posts and stories discoverable by tagging the location. You can tag the location of the city that you are in or even the venue where the picture or the video has been taken. Locations have their own IG feed along with their own stories. It will work more like hashtags, to say the least. You can contribute when you can use the location sticker and place them within your stories.

Then you have some of the local businesses, which might get more value right out to location tags. For that, they will be posting the feed regularly and also engaging with posts right from prospective customers, mainly located physically right within your vicinity. It is really important for you to know more about the ways you can use geotags and even the other options in your favor.

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