Reducing Stress when working from Home

Cutline: Balancing employment and family responsibilities while working from home requires picking which battles to fight and managing expectations. (Photo by Canstock/JackF) alt text: A young mother grabs her head in frustration while working from home on a laptop computer while her baby looks on.

Recently, a change has been thrown into an unexpected new mission to balance work and life. With large and small businesses allowing their workers to operate from home to stop the spread of COVID-19, how can we all maintain a healthy balance when there is operate and life in the same place? Most people have common experiences of stress and anxiety. Actually, 70% of adult people in the world say they feel stress or anxiety every day. The restrictions on travel, entertainment and socialization come with uncertainty and anxiety, in addition to the mental support required to adjust to this new way of functioning, which can also be psychologically exhausting.

Because at Multi, researchers have come up with a few suggestions to help reducing stress in these difficult situations.


Daily exercise was one of the most effective things you would do to reduce stress. This may seem irrelevant but exercise will reduce mental stress by placing physical stress on the body. The advantages are most effective when you exercise regularly. Those who exercise regularly feel less stressed than those who do not exercise regularly. Exercise can also increase the quality of your sleep, which can be seriously affected by stress and anxiety. You can feel more relaxed and confident in your body when you exercise regularly, which improves your mental health. So it helps to relax hormones, chemicals that improve the mood and serve as natural painkillers.

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Chew’s Bubble Gum:

Consider chewing a stick of gum for a super simple and fast stress reliever. Research has shown that gum chewers have a better sense of self and less stress. Another logical explanation is that gum chewing creates brain waves close to those of relaxed people. The gum chewing helps the blood supply to your brain. In addition, another recent study found that stress relief was strongest when people were harder to chew.

Spend time with family and friends:

Friends and family social support are going to help you get through these tough times. A part of a friend’s network gives you a trust and self-esteem that can support you in difficult times. Another researcher reported that spending time with friends and kids particularly for women helps release growth hormone, a natural stress relief. Bear in mind that friendship helps both men and women to reduce your stress.


If you are laughing it’s hard to feel nervous (stress). It’s good for your heart and it can help to reduce stress in a few cases: Helping to reduce your reaction to stress. Helping to reduce stress by releasing muscles. Over the long term, enjoyment will also help to boost the immune system and mood. Seek to watch a funny television series, or spend time with friends who make you feel happy.

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Listen to some relaxing songs:

Hearing music can have a very relaxing impact on your body. Classical music can cause relaxation reactions by lowering heart rate and blood pressure, as well as stress hormones. Many forms of classical, Celtic, Native American and Indian music can be especially mesmerizing, but simply the music you love is also a success. The sounds of nature can be really relaxing much too.

Please change your surroundings:

During this time of social distance, you can’t always leave your home for stress relief, but you can adjust your surroundings. So unless travelling outside is not a good option, then move to another room. Every adjustment in the atmosphere will help make decisions on something important. When you can, enjoy some fresh air or take a walk away from home. If you don’t have any outdoor area, just sit down by the window.  Make careful to keep sufficient distance from others as to do your part to avoid corona virus spread and not add any extra stress to worry about anyone coughing/cold near you.


If you can experience stress and depression in your workplace and in your personal life, there are a variety of simple ways to minimize the pressure that you really feel. Such tips are also to take the mind away from the source of stress. Daily physical activity, exercise, music, and physical interaction will all help to relieve stress — and improve the overall work-life balance.