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Learn 5 ways to reduce your Website Bounce Rate

Does your website have high incoming traffic but shows no result in sales? Have you tried everything to fill up your sales funnel, but unable to fill the void in it?

We have recognised the problem and solution for you! Your website is prone to a high website bounce rate that is eating away all the high-quality traffic coming on your online platform.

What does this term stand for and how you can lower it for your website is the right question you can ask us!

Move further and acknowledge yourself with the top 5 ways to reduce your website bounce rates that every smart digital marketer should stick to lower website Bounce rate.

Website Bounce rate is one of the crucial parameters that needs utmost attention in any effective digital marketing strategy. It can be described in simple words as the rate at which the visitors or the customers bounce off your website’s landing page without even exploring any other page. They abandon your website from the very same page they landed on.

Reasons behind a visitor abandoning your website may be a bad user experience, non-targeted visitor, or other.

Even if you are welcoming a significant quantity of traffic on your online platform, a worrying website bounce rate can put that all in vain. It is a conversion killer that can be rectified in many ways to attain more leads that are payable. The total bounce rate thus generated is the percentage of all the users that made an entry and exit on the same page of your website without even browsing the other pages.


A good experience on your website acts as a first impression to the user which can be delivered with the help of legible and readable content. From well-structured content to easy to understand sentences included in it, various factors can help create new optimal content that retains a user on your website. Check for the content readability parameter on the renowned platform!

Content that includes long paragraphs often frightens the readers persuading them to look for other options and bounce off your website. As a solution for the same, follow the below given tactics.

  • Try to include more and more bullet points in your content with easy to locate subheadings.
  • Place your keywords at Prime SEO spots and utilize images, videos, and screenshots to make creative content.
  • Cover all the questions from the perspective of a user so that no query is left in their mind.
  • A brief introduction and conclusion section will add more value to your content. This way, your visitors will not abandon your website from your very first landing page.


Your brand offering must be clear to the visitor from your website’s landing page. The user perceives the first impression of a website within 4 to 5 seconds. They decide in the same time frame whether they want to take further action on the same or not. CTA or Call to Action should be placed at a position that the user can easily see it. So, if they want to make a purchase, they would not have to hustle to locate the call to action button. Take help from the social media management software business, Sprout Social that even offers you a free trial for the same to start with and enjoy its benefits.

It will help you attract genuine customers to your website and thus decrease the website Bounce rate. You can start by optimizing every element of the CTA and making its design more attractive and eye-catchy.


One of the significant reasons that increase the website bounce rate for any online platform is its poor website loading speed. No user likes to wait around watching the blank pages or the loading scripts on your website. A second delay in the loading speed can make you lose a lead.

Resolve this factor by optimizing the web pages, better caching, utilizing a content delivery network, and switching to a speedy hosting provider. Another easy and quick way to reduce your website bounce rate is by achieving a lightning loading speed on your website by utilizing a CDN.


Receiving an audience that has no interest in purchasing your offering may increase your website traffic but also the website Bounce rate. Content strategy should be on point so that the right visitors take quick action on the same to land on your website at the end to make a sale. Do use Google keyword Planner that will help you find the specific high and quality traffic keywords that will let user enter into your buying cycle.

Every business requires a different kind of content to engage its audience. It may include a long format of articles offering great information or just short social media posts that are impressive and lures the reader. Delivering content through various platforms like blog posts, social media post, paid ads, email marketing or other require a different kind of content in each that will only strike the minds of the visitor that has a requirement of the same.

This way, you can get the right people who are interested in your offer through various channels. With the right audience on your website, the bounce rate will decrease on its own.


The aesthetics of your online platform play a significant role in retaining a customer. A great website design not only builds trust with the customer but also offers an easy to navigate and functional interface to the user. The first impression of your business will be laid by an authentic and persuasive website design.


Thus, utilize the above-listed 5 ways to reduce your website bounce rate that will help you convert all the qualified leads into your customers. It will also boost the conversion rate and will help you hit the road of success in the long run of your business.

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Rajesh Bhimani is the Founder at Skynet Technologies, Website Design and Development Agency. He has 21 years of experience in Technology and Marketing industry. When he isn’t working, you can find him cooking for his family or reading some fiction. You can connect with him on Twitter.

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