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KissAnime Alternatives

Kissanime Alternative 2021

Anime has become amazingly popular over the years. I mean, who does not love anime. Well, if you are not familiar with anime, then you will know now. Anime is part and parcel of Japanese pop culture. Anime means the computer and hand-drawn animation. However, most of the popular anime are hand-drawn. Most of the Ghibli classics are hand-drawn.

Most people think that anime is for kids, but they are entirely wrong. Anime is for all age groups. Most of us have grown up watching Naruto, and we still love and enjoy it. Who does not want to enter the fantasy world of Ghibli studio’s princess Mononoke and Totoro? Who does not want to feel the energy of Haikyu and Naruto?

What is Kissanime?

Being one of the most popular movies streaming sites, Kissanime hosted links and embedded videos. Kissanime existed for eight years as it was launched back in 2012 and shut down in 2020.

It consisted of a massive collection of anime data for free streaming and download. However, it was an unlawful website that provided pirated content. Hence, it was shut down on August 14, 2020. Since there are millions of anime lovers worldwide, Kissanime had millions of users all over. Torrent Freak reported that this to be the “most visited illegal site in the world”.

The main reason behind the shutting down of Kissanime Alternatives was its illegal practice of leaking copyrighted content. It is an illegal act to violate copyright law. Hence, it was shut down due to copyright infringement concerns.

Is Kissanime Legal Site?

Kissanime is not a legal site as it leaks the copyrighted content. This site used to be very popular and one of the most visited sites, but since it used to leak, copyrighted content this site was shut down in 2020 only due to copyright infringement concerns.

Does Kissanime work?

No, Kissanime is not working anymore. Since August 2020, it has been completely shut down. The reason behind its shut-down was copyright infringement.

Popular Kissanime Alternatives

I know it is unfortunate to digest the fact that we no longer have the best anime movie streaming site. But you don’t need to feel sad anymore because there are ample Kissanime alternatives available on the internet that are cool. Here are some of the best Kissanime alternatives available on the internet.


Anime-planet has a simple yet cool user interface that allows the users to download their favourite anime in no time. This site has a review system, which has allowed the users to make choices easily after looking into the reviews. Besides, it also has the watch list feature where the users can add their desired movies.


You can access this site by registering yourself, or you can watch animes without registering. However, registering will allow you some benefits. Once you register yourself, you will get access to the fantastic world of AnimeFreak. All the latest, old and, popular anime are available in categories for free. It also has a filter system that allows you to search desired content within seconds. Animefreak is perhaps the best alternative to Kissanime.


Anime is a legal site, and it consists of all the latest, old and, popular anime. It has categorized anime according to the genres. Its unique feature is that it gives a brief description of each anime available on the site. Click on the thumbnail, and you will get the description of the content you are going to watch. Animelab consists of dubbed anime and subtitles as well. What else do anime lovers need, right?


Crunchyroll is known for its quality content. No other site provides anime as good quality as Crunchyroll. They provide 720p HD quality content. They also offer English dubbed anime and subtitles. You have to sign up to get access to this wonderful site. Quality content with language comfort is what everyone seeks to watch.


This one platform where you can get HD content, English dubbed and, with subtitles. It has a filter that easily allows the users to get the anime they want to watch. 9anime is also known for its quick updates. It is very fast in adding the new anime to the site. Besides, you can also customize filters that will help you find the desired content soon as possible.


Netflix is well known for its highly rated web series and movies. However, Netflix also streams anime. All you need to do is buy the subscription, and then you will get access to a wide pool of amazing content. The best thing about Netflix is a legal site and that it contains other content like web series and movies as well. Cool, isn’t it?


Masterani also has an amazing user interface that always users to surf this site easily. Every content is available in English dubbed as well, thus attracting millions of users worldwide. It has a huge collection of all the old and new anime. All genres of anime are available on Masterani.


AnimeFrenzy also has a massive collection of content. Within the first day of release, AnimeFrenzy adds the new releases. If you get confused to choose the content, click on the ‘random’ button. The site will play random anime, and then you can enjoy watching it. AnimeFrenzy also provides American content for its users.


GoGo anime is one of the best alternatives for KissAnime. All the popular anime and movies are available for free on GoGoAnime. Alphabetically sorted content is what makes this site a unique one.


Chia-Anime also has a huge collection of anime, and most importantly, English dubbed versions are also available for free. Hence this site has huge followers from all over the world. However, some ads in between the content might be a little annoying, but that’s not a big issue.

Anime land

Being one of the best alternatives to Kissanime, Anime land has a huge library of all the new and old anime. You don’t have to register or sign up to get access to this site. English dubbed anime is also available on Anime land, thus breaking the language barriers and attracting users from all over the world.


A2zAnime’s unique feature is that it provides a wide variety of resolutions, starting down from 360p up to 1080p, thus being available for any kind of device, be it a low storage device or high storage device.

This site also lets you share the videos on other platforms as well. The best thing about this site is, it is absolutely ad-free. Plus, you don’t even have to register to get access to this site. Therefore, this site happens to be heaven for anime lovers.


Aneimism is also quite similar to other anime sites and consists of similar content and features. It also provides content in multiple resolutions so that you can download any resolution that is suitable for your device.

If you have a low storage device, you can download 360p resolution, and if you have ample space in your device, you can download 720p resolution. This site is regularly updated with new content, and you can enjoy watching all the new releases as well. This site also provides English dubbed anime.

Anime Karma

This site fits in all kinds of devices, be it desktop or mobile phone. All the premiere and latest telecasted anime are available on this site. American anime and Japanese anime are available on this site. You can easily filter out the anime you wish to watch on this site.


Animedao also is another good alternative to Kissanime. All the old, new, latest and, currently telecasted anime movies and series are streamed on this site. Its wide pool of content has attracted nothing but a huge number of audiences from all over the world.

The reason behind Kissanime’s shut down?

Kissanime was one of the most visited websites in the world. It was the most checked site after the Pirate Bay. But since it is a piracy site, lots of copyright infringement cases were sued against this site.

It is a crime to violate copyright laws. Both operating and accessing an illegal site is considered to be unlawful, and one might face severe consequences on accessing such a site. One will be put behind bars with an extra fine for committing this illegal act.

Therefore, on 14th August, this site was shut down due to copyright infringement concerns. The site left a note stating- “Our beta servers have actually been removed by copyright holders; this might result in the close of the site. We will make more statements after we have the choice.”

Shortly after, the site released another notification stating that- “All files are removed by copyright owners. The website will be closed permanently. Thank you for your assistance.”

Finally, copyright owners became successful in pulling down this piracy site. Therefore, this is how Kissanime was shut down. Now we have no other option but to rely on its alternatives.


Although Kissanime provided amazing content for free, it was an illegal site. Using an illegal site is not safe. Therefore, we suggest the users prefer legal sites over illegal ones. Legal sites are safe and secure to use.

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