5 Smart Devices That You Need To Keep Your Home Safe and Secure

Smart Devices

Life has become faster than ever with current digitization. Technology has allowed us to do monotonous, mundane, everyday tasks that once required human effort. While life is becoming easier, we are often frustrated when it comes to matters like home safety and security. 

Dealing with security is no easy task because as we upgrade our security systems, thieves and hackers are also getting craftier. This can be extremely worrisome as they threaten the safety of your home and family. For your peace of mind, you need a house, which is safe for you and your family. With First Energy Toledo you can browse among the wide variety of smart devices to keep your home safe and secure from burglars. These smart devices can sense and notify you of any apprehensive commotion in your absence. 

Here are a few smart devices that you would want to consider for your home.

Video Doorbells

Video doorbells are useful devices to keep your home secure and protected from trespassers. They are especially suitable choice when you have a demanding work schedule. You can link a smart video doorbell wirelessly to your phone and it can notify you of any suspicious activity via the app on your phone. The built-in motion sensors in a smart video doorbell can aware you if someone approaches your front door from a distance instead of warning only when they are close to the door. This feature is a great help as it gives you time to think and react for example if the person approaching the door is a friend you may want to let them enter. However, if the person approaching is an intruder you may want to call the police. 

Video doorbells are also peaceful. Instead of running for the door while completing your daily chores can be extremely annoying, you can open the door right from your smartphone. The motion sensors can notify if there is any suspicious activity in the house while you are away. Many smart video doorbells have brilliant reception, so you can recognize your visitors easily. The high resolution cameras make it convenient for you to identify visitors in the dark.

Smart Door locks

The market has a great variety of smart door locks. Minimalistic designs and easy installation are an added advantage for those who are not tech savvy and do not want to spoil their home decor. Perhaps the biggest advantage is for people who often forget their keys while leaving the house because smart door locks do not require a key for locking and unlocking doors. You can control locking and unlocking of your door with one tap on your phone even when you are absent from your house. Instead of keys, smart door locks require passwords. You can pick an exclusive password for your locks and share them with your loved ones to permit them entrance even when you are away from home. You will be informed when they unlock the door and when they lock it again. Hence, intruders cannot pick these locks unlike traditional door locks. If you are forgetful of checking the locks before going for weekend getaways these can be great as you can lock them with one tap on your phone.

Smart Smoke/CO Detector

Imagine your house on fire. You cannot even imagine that, right? Smart smoke/CO detectors are a worthy device when it comes to protecting your home from fire hazards. Since CO is invisible and untraceable because it is odorless and colorless it can gradually poison you and your family to deadly levels. You can use most of these detectors for up to 10 years without any trouble. They give you the advantage of treating yourself to a stress free night’s sleep every night.  The split-spectrum sensor, which is a built in feature with many smart smoke detectors has the capacity to sense slow and fast burning fire. You can get notification on your app in case of a hazard. While you are away from home you may not need to worry about a fire hazard as you will get notifications on your phone. If you are forgetful regarding things like turning off the stove while going out of the house you do not have to keep speculating the whole day and stay distressed.

Smart Cameras

The best part about having smart cameras is that they you can install them anywhere in your house as per your requirements, so you can easily choose spots where you fear that a trespasser may enter anytime. Whether you want to install it inside your home or outside, you can browse the wide variety available in the market these days. Smart cameras usually come with 4K displays with the capacity to zoom in to up to 12 times. Not only do they provide you an image, they also have HD quality speakers and microphones. You can take a sigh of relief while at work or at home enjoying a good night’s sleep. A 3-hour snapshot history is always available if you miss a notification. Smart cameras are helpful in all seasons of the year. They are weather proof, so you do not have to worry even in rainy days. 

Nest Thermostat

This is a great device if you are living with family and kids. It keeps your home from getting too hot or too cold. It also cuts down your electricity bill while making your home comfortable to live in all round the year. Its installation is convenient and uncomplicated and you can easily set it up, even if you do not know much about technology. The nest thermostat has built in sensors, which sense how full a room is and then sets the temperature accordingly, so it could be great if you like to host guests at your place.

Final Words

These smart devices can be extremely useful in your home. They ensure your home security, so that you can spend quality time with your friends and family instead of fretting over the fact that someone may barge into your home.

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