Is Part time master’s degree in Singapore Expensive?

master’s degree in Singapore

The Republic of Singapore is way more than an exotic holiday location. Located at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, Singapore is a hub for academic excellence with over 100 higher educational institutions. The city-state maintains a high standard in the education system with a cutting-edge academic curriculum and seasoned tutors. According to QS University Rankings for Asian 2021, two Singapore universities made it to the list of top 10 universities in Asia. 

Besides this, world-class infrastructure, quality of life, multi-racial nature, safety and security and medium of instruction draw prospective master’s students from across the world. At present, Singapore is home to over 50,000 students from different parts of the world, the International Trade Administration statistics suggest. Furthermore, it has also been found in the data that part time master degree in Singapore is the most enrolled programme among the international students’ population.

Now you must be wondering about the benefits and cost of studying a part-time master’s degree in Singapore. So, let us talk about the factors that make Singapore different from other abroad studying destinations.


  • Cost of studying a part-time master’s degree in Singapore


Many of us are unaware that Singapore is the most cost-effective international study destination compared to others. In addition, Singapore boasts several prestigious colleges that offer a broad range of part-time master’s programmes in various disciplines. However, the cost of pursuing a part-time master’s degree differs depending upon the programme, such as MBA in International Business and MA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management cost only SGD$ 18,000 in both learning modes.


  • Availability of financial aid and scholarships 


Although studying in Singapore is cheaper than in any other nation, higher education institutions here also provides financial aid and scholarships to lessen the burden of students in managing their education cost. Notably, some top business schools in Singapore offer scholarships in the form of discounts.


  • Options to pay fees in instalments


Full payment of course tuition and miscellaneous fees often lead to debt. Therefore, Singapore business schools allow students to pay their fees in instalments. The instalment payment option is also open to international students in Singapore. Students who want to avail the option can feel free to discuss the instalment payment option details with the university’s consultants.


  • Blended learning mode


One of the best reasons to earn a master’s degree in Singapore is that it provides an opportunity to learn in a blended learning mode. This means students can learn face-to-face as well as online. However, the programme is delivered to students in accordance with the university’s planned schedule.

With a thriving economy, forward-thinking intellectual culture and work-life balance, Singapore is the best international study destination for students to earn an accreditable degree at a relatively low cost. Upon competition of the programme, students also get an opportunity to work in a progressive country and enjoy a qualitative life. So, without further ado, sign up for the programme right away!

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