Are you trying these interesting things on your Insta profile?

Instagram has established itself as one of the fastest-growing social media platforms globally with about a whopping 1 billion active users, as of 2018. Many brands and celebrities have successfully gained massive popularity over these years and the list of features undoubtedly adds to the ‘oomph’ factor of their promotional campaigns.

Some of those cool features that can help you get more IG followers:

#1 Countdown Stickers

This feature was introduced during December of 2018 and is now widely used by billions of users to add countdowns to their stories about anything and everything. While birthdays and anniversaries are expected, stores and brands also conduct a countdown for their sales last date, or a lunch of a new product. People viewing these stories can tap on it to set reminders when the countdown end and can also share it in their own stories.

#2 Close Friends list

Well, let’s admit it, the “Close Friends List” was a bigtime saviour (if you know what I mean! 😉).

It allows the user to create a specific group of people with whom they want to share their Insta stories. This list can be created and customized by the users as per their wish. The user may even add or remove anyone from that list according to their convenience without the other person knowing about it.

#3 Live video

Instagram allows its users to go live anytime, from anywhere. Followers get a push notification whenever the user goes live and they can add comments and likes in the video in real-time. Once the video is over, the followers are notified about it as well. Believe me, if you want to interact with your consumers on a human level, ‘live’ can take you a long way.

#4 Push Notifications

You will often observe brands and influencers posting stories that say ‘For more, turn on post notifications.’ Here’s what it is about:

The followers can go the profile they want notifications from and then click on three dots and then on “Turn on push notifications”. This way they would receive notifications every time the selected account posts anything new. It’s a ‘star’ for your account if your follower does that for you!

#5 Augmented Reality

Instagram allows certain brands to create their own custom filters which can be tried on by their followers. This is one of my favourite features, as shoppers looking for products such as sunglasses, lipsticks, etc can click on the option ‘try it on’ and, hence, they can try those products with just one click. It is however now in its trial phase, but let’s hope that it soon drops in. Because I sure can’t wait!

#6 Dark Mode

Newly introduced feature by Instagram which is available only to users with operating system iOS 13 and Android10. The darker version of Instagram was much anticipated and now when it is finally introduced, it is liked by most of the users.

#7 Restrict Comments/Profiles

For people who are or have been a victim of online trolling, a new feature is launched. It allows the user to restrict the people who spread hate and mean comments by simply restricting their comments to themselves. Simply put, no one else can view that comment other than the user. Just click on the hateful comment and then select ‘!’ Icon and you will see an option that says on “Restrict (username)”

If you wish to restrict the profile, click on the hamburger icon, then under settings you will find the subhead ‘Restricted Accounts’, add the specified person.

#8 Instagram Stories Highlights

Remember the times, you wished you could view the stories after 24 hours. Well, now you can. The highlights allow the user to create a group of stories with their own customized cover. It takes up space permanently in the profile and can be viewed by people anytime. They appear right below the bio and the profile picture, just like in the given example below:

#9 Multiple Accounts Posting

Users can now toggle between many accounts and post pictures to multiple accounts simultaneously. Just create a normal post, and then when you further to the details page, under the section ‘post to other accounts’ publishes the picture in the accounts as desired.

Now that you are enlightened to these stunning Instagram features. Don’t forget to try a few and add jazz to your monotonous Instagram account

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