In-depth Assessment of HONOR Band 5 pink

HONOR Band 5 pink
HONOR Band 5 pink

Recently, many new wearable devices occurred. For example, the new models of popular brands in this field such as Lenovo, Xiaomi and HONOR. The HONOR Band 5 pink is one of them. It is the latest product in the Honor Band series. This new smart band has a built-in AMOLED screen. It can track sleep and heart rate. It supports 50 meters waterproof. HONOR Band 5 pink competes with Mi Smart Band 4. Its price is £ 29. 99. So, which smart watch should we choose? To find out the answer, the tester conducted an assessment of HONOR Band 5 pink.

HONOR Band 5 has a range of fitness functions. Some users may use the footstep tracking function most among various fitness functions. In this case, these users will be happy to hear that it is a reliable function. 

Testers compared the performance of Band 5 and Fitbit Versa Lite in step tracking. The later device is much more expensive. On two consecutive trips, the readings of HONOR Band 5 are 6,217 and 6,514. While those of Fitbit Versa Lite are 6,229 and 6,685. 

However, in the longer journey, it is obvious that HONOR Band 5 has fewer steps than Fitbit Versa Lite. However, unless you walk a long distance, the difference is almost negligible.


HONOR Band 5 can track various exercise modes. Outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor walking, indoor walking and indoor cycling are some of these modes. They also include cross training machine, rowing, indoor swimming and free training. Users can customize targets. When doing this, the user will receive a milestone reminder from the band. After completing the exercise, the user will receive some information about it.  

Band 5 is waterproof. It can record indoor swimming activities. Users can swim with it. But be careful not to ski or dive with it. 

This product is not suitable for athletes who require a high level of information detail. On the contrary, this is aimed at daily exercisers. These people only need to know the exercise time, distance, heart rate and other basic knowledge. 

The Fitbit Versa Lite gives more information than the HONOR Band 5 pink does. However, its price is five times that of the HONOR Band 5 pink.

One of the main selling points of the HONOR Band 5 pink is the improved sleep tracking function. Technically speaking, it is successful. On the device, users can see the sleeping time. But this is only “the time from going to bed to getting up”. This is also what users can see on HONOR Band 4. What to do when users want to see other information collected by the smart band? Check in HUAWEI Health APP!

Users need to download HUAWEI Health to use HONOR Band 5. At the same time, they need a HUAWEI Mobile Services application. These already exist on HUAWEI or HONOR phones. Like other paired applications suitable for wearable devices, HUAWEI Health works in a similar way. Users can connect smart bands to smart phones or tablets through Bluetooth.

HONOR Band 5 pink is not a real fitness tracking engine. But its exercise monitoring is accurate. Moreover, its coves a large range of functions. Its pink appearance caters to the preferences of many young people. Look at its price, what are you waiting for?

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