How to write an objective on a resume to catch attention of a recruiter

You know you will not have a second chance to make the first impression, right? Good. Now, everybody knows what a resume is but far from everyone knows how to make it right and that  there has to be a correctly specified objective so recruiters knew whom they deal with. They go through hundreds of not more resumes daily thus, they need to know whether you are the one they are looking for.

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3 goal statement requirements


One of the typical mistakes of applicants is when the goal is formulated in a very general way. That is, this goal can be placed on 90 resumes out of 100 – and it will perfectly suit both the accountant, the investment manager, and the IT specialist.

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Example: “The goal is to find promising work with a developing company with career and professional growth opportunities.”

A worthy goal, but a very common one. The question immediately arises – does the specialist have an idea of HOW he will achieve career growth. Maybe he expects that the employer will bring him growth on a silver platter.

An example of a specific goal:

“The position of the procurement manager in a manufacturing company with access to the international market.”

Here we indicated the specific position and the desired field of activity of the employer.


Both the position and the field of activity are strongly recommended to be adapted to the vacancy for which you are submitting a resume. That is, in this case, the goal is successfully formulated if you send a resume for the vacancy of a procurement manager, and the company really has access to the international market. The recruiter will see a match between the vacancy and your expectations – and with a high probability will distinguish you from other job seekers.

The mismatch is fraught with the fact that your resume will go to the basket.


An example of how to write is NOT NECESSARY:

“Purpose: to get a job in a developing company that provides corporate training for employees, promotes their career growth, and also guarantees a social package.”

What’s wrong? Everything is simple. This goal shouts: the employer is obliged to provide me with training, growth and a social package, I don’t agree on anything less!

Meanwhile, it is you who are looking for work, and not the employer who needs you. The employer has 3-5-10 more applicants for this vacancy …

So we go down from heaven to earth and serve ourselves with a completely different sauce. The purpose of the resume should answer the question – what can you give the employer? What benefit will he get if he takes you to work?

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Example: “The goal is to use knowledge in the field of investment management to significantly increase the company’s profits.”

Do you feel the difference?

After reading this goal, the HR manager’s eyes light up. And if the qualification of the applicant meets the required or is rejected, but insignificantly – the invitation to an interview is guaranteed to the specialist.


Everything is simple here. The goal is 2-3 lines. Not a paragraph, not an essay. “Brevity is the soul of wit,” as the classic said. This is the main guideline.

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