How to use Troop Messenger like a Pro in less than 5 minutes?

In today’s fast-paced tech industries, office messaging has become essential for all forms and size of businesses across the globe. For ensuring seamless instant communication and collaboration between the teams of diverse domains, the business owners are looking for the perfect business communication tools like Troop Messenger.

It is noticed that 2.3 million users across the globe are heavily dependant on chat collaboration tools to get through the workplace communication with approximately 1.5 billion monthly message-exchanges.

More and more corporates are absorbing the trend of using commercial business chat applications to efficaciously communicate among them without any hierarchical barriers.

All these chat messages that roll over across your teams keep you updated on your project deliveries and deadlines. Though the continuous flow of message-exchanges from distinct teams, groups, forums are little distracting, they aren’t that bad. The one mandate that should you do is to know how to customize the settings of the tool to leverage the best experience out of it.

Hang out with Troop Messenger on desktop, mobile and browser versions!

Want to know how best you can use Troop Messenger just as fast like gazelle. Follow the below-listed tips to enhance your team’s productivity.

Sign-Up for Free

Sounds unbelievable? Yes, it’s true. Troop Messenger is a freemium SaaS model where it offers three awesome pricing plans of free, premium, and enterprise. The intuitive website of Troop Messenger guides you to tab on the ‘Sign-Up for Free’ button to let you register for it. And now, you are taken to a simple two-step registration process asking you to fill your basic information.

Its time to inform you about the icing on the cake and that is, now you can register Troop Messenger with any of your public domains like Gmail, Yahoo, Rediff mail, etc., besides your business email id.

You can successfully finish the registration process with a verification mail that has been sent to your registered email id from the Troop Messenger team.


Congratulations! You are the admin of the application, and a whole set of privileges are waiting for you to start using them, such as adding employees, adding Orange Members, deactivating employees, setting permissions, adding multiple business domains, etc.,

As an admin of your company, it’s your privilege to add all your employees to Troop Messenger to start team communication.

  •  Add Employee
Troop messenger add employee

For this, you need to click the ‘Employee’ tab shown on the left side of the Dashboard. Start adding employees by filling their name, business email, location, department, designation, and mobile number. Worry not, there is no need for you to enter each employee details individually, instead, you can download the CSV template—–>Fill in the employee details——->Upload CSV file.

Just Click Add Employee, and your job is accomplished. Now it’s the turn of your employee.


  • How your employee will receive their credentials?

Dear colleagues, now it’s your turn to activate your Troop Messenger with the login details. You would have received those in your registered email. Check and act!

Just open the Troop Messenger mail—->press ‘Click here to login’——>you are navigated to the browser version, wherein you need to log in the application with your default password. This page insists you Change your Password. Please follow as directed, and there you go……you are ready to exchange messages across all your teams to keep you updated on project deliveries, throughout the daily work routines.

Get to know your Groups

Discuss more work across groups. Experience the benefits of creating and communicating across unlimited groups from the premium and enterprise pricing versions.

Trim down your specific search

Enjoy wider search options with Troop Messenger as listed below. You name them, we filter them!

  • Global Search
Global Search

This level of search lets you receive the search results by the user, by groups, by orange members, by deactivated/exit lists, and by date-time filters out from the contacts list.

  • Message Text Search
Message Text Search

This keyword-based search filter allows you to trim down the results of a specific text across the complete chat window.

  • Advanced Filter Group
Advanced Filter Group

This matchless facility from Troop Messenger lets you filter out images, videos, contacts, files, URLs, and location across the complete user/group chat window.

Summing it up:

In fact, there are a whole lot interesting and highly workable features designed for team collaboration in Troop Messenger. I have just touched a few of them in this writing. Keep following this space to enhance your team productivity.

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