How are videos powerful on social media?

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Video is an integral part of every leading social media platform. Video on social media has a significant prominence these days. A video production company also plays an essential role in creating good content for social media.

In a recent Instagram Live, Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri shared that video is “driving an immense amount of growth online for all major platforms” and stated that video would be the main center of attention for Instagram over the coming months.

The takeaway: If you want to grow online, it’s time to start creating video content.

Traditional marketing techniques are no longer as successful as they used to be. Those who see success using digital marketing may miss out on critical strategies to quicken growth.

Every day, while scrolling on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, or other social media platforms, users are increasingly getting targeted with sponsored posts by advertisers. 

More image ads are being shown daily primarily due to the increase of businesses going online and the number of new advertisers connecting to Facebook.

What is a video?

A Video is a technology that captures kinetic pictures onto some medium. The recorder may be a different machine such as a videocassette recorder (VCR) or built into something else such as a video camera.

A video clip is a short movie. A music video usually stars someone who recorded an (audio) album. One purpose is to promote the album.

What Is Social Media?

Social media is any digital technology that permits users to create and share content with the general public quickly. Social media comprise a wide range of websites and apps. For example, Twitter is specialized in sharing short written messages and links.

Like TikTok and Instagram, others are built to utilize videos and photos entirely. Social media is unique because it is relatively uncensored and broad. Anyone with internet access can sign up for a social media account. 

They can use that account to share whatever content they choose to, and the content they share reaches anyone who visits their page or profile.

What is a Social Video?

Social videos are the ones you upload to sites like YouTube to capture an audience. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are only a handful of sites following YouTube.

This is a way to involve the audience outside of text content. Creating text is still an integral part of involving consumers online. However, video is becoming more appropriate every passing year.

Let’s see how we can use video on some of the most popular social media platforms.

How to use videos on social media? 


Facebook is one of the most admired platforms to use video content. When creating your video social media marketing strategy, follow these points for Facebook.

1. Make it uncomplicated to observe without sound

When users scroll through the videos in Facebook’s feed, it starts to auto-play. If a video is noticeable, many users will stop and watch the video.

Videos that autoplay don’t have sound, and many people will continue to watch these videos without sound. You must create visually engaging videos which are uncomplicated to watch without sound.

It helps engage people with your content, even if the sound is muted.

Subtitles must be there in a video to enable your audience to continue watching it without listening to it. 

2. Upload native content

When creating videos on Facebook, you must upload the videos straight to Facebook’s platform. Many companies will take their videos from YouTube and link them to their webpage.

Posting your video directly to Facebook will assist you in getting the most out of your content, as Native videos will play automatically. 

But in the case of a YouTube video link, the video won’t play automatically. Native content also keeps leads on your feed/page. For instance, if you post a video natively to your Facebook page, users will stay on your profile instead of bouncing to YouTube. 

3. Create entertaining videos

It would help make your videos entertaining and engaging for your audience on Facebook. Make them noticeable for your viewers. You can create videos that are more easy-going and entertaining.


Another distinguished place to upload videos is Instagram. Most people think of Instagram as a photo-only platform, but it is also a friendly platform to upload videos.

1. Track your time limit

We must keep Instagram’s 60-second video limit in mind whenever creating a video. When you make videos for Instagram, try to deliver your message quickly, as you have only a minute to do so. Record your most important information first to ensure your audience hears it!

2. Take advantage of user-generated content

Instagram is an excellent place for user-generated content. Many people post videos and photos of their brands and use hashtags. People post videos about your content; it’s a perfect chance for you to share that content to your Instagram.

User-generated content also gives your audience an authentic experience of your company.

3. Take the upper hand of the loop

Instagram’s videos continually play and loop until the user scrolls away from it. This feature can benefit you when you make videos on Instagram. If you record videos for Instagram, you can create a seamless loops video.

When your video wonderfully loops, viewers can’t differentiate when it stops and starts over. This way, people continue to watch your video. Using the loop to your advantage allows users to watch your videos longer.


YouTube is one of the most renowned social media platforms in the world. It hosts millions of videos, with over 100 hours of videos uploaded to its site every minute. The following tips could create a successful video social media marketing strategy if you use this platform.

1. Add CTA at the end of your videos

On Youtube, your call-to-action (CTA) button is an integral part of marketing videos. Viewers take the time to watch your entire video; you want to advise them on what to do further.

You can use multiple types of Call To Action to guide your audience.

Many businesses opt to refer viewers to another related video on their page or subscribe to their channel. It helps you keep people engaging with your videos and get them to subscribe to your video.

2. Keep your mobile audience in mind

You can create longer videos on YouTube. It allows you to create videos up to 12 hours long. Keep your mobile users in mind as you make videos. Everyone who watches your content does not want to see long videos. Many mobile users favor watching shorter video content.

When you’re recording videos, think about your mobile audience and the context of your video. Mobile users will look forward to a longer video if you make a vlog, as it is more engaging.


The last platform we’ll cover is Twitter. Twitter is another beautiful social media platform for your business. Let’s look at a few tips to help you create a compelling video social media marketing strategy on Twitter.

1. Catch the audience attention at the beginning itself

When you make videos on Twitter, you want to catch your audience’s attention. Videos autoplay on Twitter like Facebook. If you want your audience to stay and watch your videos, try to impact from the beginning. 

Create video imagery that your audience notices and gets them to watch your content.

2. Create a Good Caption

When viewers scroll through their feed and see a video, they’ll often read the caption to know the context. It assists them in seeing if the video is relevant to their interests. To catch your audience’s attention, create a descriptive and exciting heading.

When creating a good heading/caption, you attract your audience to check out your video and watch your content.

3. Keep your videos short

Everything on Twitter’s platform is short; With a 280-character limit, users expect to read information fast. The same thought process applies to videos.Your audience wants to watch short videos. 

Tweets are transient; they can easily read the information and move on to the following tweet.

If you want your message to travel across to your audience, you must do it quickly. It helps to keep your audience involved in your video but won’t take up too much of their time. 

When creating a quality caption, you entice your audience to check out your video and engage with your content.


These were a few tips on how videos are influential on social media. By following these techniques, you can positively impact social media.

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