Tips to Blend the Outdoors of your Home with Indoors

Blending the outdoors with the indoors is the new buzz which comes up with enormous benefits. Yes, when I say benefits, I mean that even small homes can also make the best use of the available space, applying the modern techniques to give your home an amazing look. 

Sliding doors, wooden floors, perfect lighting, ideal furniture, all these are in a fashion which helps to transform your house to a worth living space. Whether you are building a new residence or thinking of remodelling the existing one, it’s recommended to merge the indoors with the outdoors in such a way that they blend your home’s architectural design seamlessly.

A person designs his living space not merely to make people feel comfortable in the major places or to showcase the best of his efforts in its decoration, but its the home’s relationship with the surrounding which also matters. There is a home decor index which should be high in the context of decoration, location, nearby surroundings, interior and the exteriors.  

# The Floor Match

Everything you keep or install in your home, make sure has a meaning and a match; otherwise, it will portray your personality in some other sense. Likewise, go with a perfect match while choosing the flooring of your indoors and outdoors.

If your garden requires you to step down to a level, then you can go with a contrast that flows with your garden and also enhances the beauty of the indoors. However, if your outdoor is at the same level, you can go with the same flooring outside, giving a similar touch to the outdoors.

There are many places in India where you can witness a modern style built of houses, especially in the metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, and Bangalore. Today, renting house is the ongoing trend, and one can rent a house in Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, etc. where the houses on rent are fully furnished as per the ongoing trend possessing all the modern facilities in-built.

# Patio Doors

Doors are the connecting assets, and once you step inside from outside or the vice-versa, you as well your relatives and guests will definitely have a look at the door which gives the way to cross.

So why not add some patio doors to bring the outside in. You can replace your windows with these types of doors or reconstruct the existing ones but adding more to their size. There is a wide range of doors available nowadays, like sliding, bi-folding, etc. which maximizes the look of your house’s interior and exterior, thereby, intensifying the view even when closed.

Its a good idea for elevating the architectural design of a restaurant too, where visitors can enjoy the feel of outdoor seating while inside.

# Versatile Living Space

Whether inside or outside, your living area must be revealing and relaxing, at the same time, as most of us love to spend time there to either complete our chores, lighten up our stress, or to carry up the gossips or crucial discussions.

We usually have a living are inside, but can add some space outside the house as well to give it a new and fresh look, which further beautifies the place. Apart from furniture, prefer keeping some eccentric decor elements(flowers, showpieces, books, etc.) that makes the outdoor living space more adorable and admirable.

For extreme weather conditions, install a shelter or an awning which can help you make the most out of such a precious space of your house. 

# Furnishing Flow

Believe it or not, the interior of your house displays your personality where decor elements and furnishing plays a crucial role in enhancing it further. 

For home decor, you can use some indoor style furniture, namely comfortable chairs, fashionable sofas, multipurpose tables, and much more to decorate the outdoors, which perfectly blend the two areas in terms of house beauty.

The crossover effect can be made to look different as well as similar; it totally depends on you. One can add up similar touch and tone to the outdoor furniture, matching with inside one, or can add a contrast to the outdoor living area by giving it a feel of the outer environment, going opposite with the inner theme.

I would recommend going for the opposite theme idea! 

# Glass Walls Magnify the Indoor/Outdoor Beauty

Another form to bring the outdoors in is to install ceiling glass. Go one step ahead of the patio doors and create glass walls where the sliding/folding wall panels can help you erase the boundary between your living room and the backyard.

The modern style design of implementing glass walls and panel, display not only an attitude but also compliment your house style. These glass wall systems are designed efficiently, keeping in mind the weather conditions and are worthy enough to install.

Adding a touch of glass to your home decor will always make it feel lighter and brighter, thus, spreading positivity all around.

# Lighting

The lighting of a house, if done correctly, can help get people visually arrested to praise the beauty of an abode. 

The intensity of lighting matters a lot whether it’s inside or outside; nevertheless, has a similar function in distinguishing these two separate areas of an accomodation. To give a similar look and feel to your house, go for fixing the identical style of lighting in and out of the home area.

It’s preferable to use light dimmers, keeping both the areas to the same level of brightness. You can go for downlighting which ejects soft and ambient light. But, if you want to do the opposite,

go for giving a unique look to the different house spaces, showing your versatile nature depicted via the indoor/outdoor styling and fashion. 

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