Erectile Dysfunction And Tadalafil: Causes And Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction pill

The discussion of erectile dysfunction and other male-targeted ailments have always been plagued with awkwardness and discomfort. And with numerous pieces of information about it online, trying to understand ED can get overwhelming. 

As you contemplate on how to get 20mg of tadalafil, learn what erectile dysfunction is and how it can be treated. 

Erectile Dysfunction Or “Impotence” 

These two terms are often loosely used alternately, and both refer to when a man is unable to have an erection long enough for coitus, or at all, even when stimulated. According to surveys and studies, close to 50% of the male population in the world will go through erectile dysfunction, regardless of age. 

This is because it’s something not as uncommon as many tend to believe. At the same time, the majority of those who experience ED are able to link the said condition to a common factor— stress

Stress-Induced ED

Stress-induced erectile dysfunction is not a cause for much concern. After all, the environment you’re in is most likely littered with stressors, whether in the form of co-workers and bosses, deadlines, traffic, down to something as mundane as lunch that you don’t particularly like. 

It’s that constantly being riddled with stress, especially when coupled with anxiety or depression, will take a toll on your mind AND on your body. Beyond the physical, mental health is important, too, even when it comes to coitus. 

An important scientific detail to remember is that one of the major factors that instigate an erection is arousal or stimulation. These signals travel through neurotransmitters from your brain, and throughout the rest of your body via neurons. Then, said messages are transported through blood circulation, and into the blood vessels in the genitalia. 

So, it’s not only that a fatigued body may result in erectile dysfunction. It’s also that a heavily stressed mind will act as a barrier against blood filling the chambers and vessels that require a balanced circulation in order that an erection may take place. 

Tadalafil And Stress 

Here’s where tadalafil enters the picture. The three cylindrical tissues in the penis are to be in their relaxed and collapsed state in order for blood to fill them in and lead to distention, also known as “bulging”. This distending of the penis is soon followed by an elevation or an “erection”. 

When your mind isn’t at ease, so will your body, it’s muscles and tissues therein be tense and often, constricted. The same is true with the muscles and tissues in the phallus. So much so that even when you’re stimulated and are desiring coitus, because blood is being blocked or slowed down as it tries to enter the penis, erectile dysfunction occurs. 

Therefore, tadalafil can ease agitated muscles and blood vessels in order for the normal process of erection to transpire. Pay attention to the term “normal process”, as tadalafil will not have anything to do with stimulation nor your performance during coitus. These two factors, along with the rest of the natural flow of sexual intercourse itself will remain standard.

If you take antidepressants, consult with your doctor to ensure the safe consumption of said medication and of tadalafil. 

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