For those who are always in shortage of time or love sitting indoors, indoor exercise has become so convenient and easy. Your time of going to the gym and coming back again will be saved and, you can just simply workout at your home with the right workout equipment. 

Spin bikes are perhaps the best indoor workout equipment one can have. You can even have gym-quality spin bikes at your home. There are so many spin bikes available, both online and offline. However, you need to buy the best spine bike so that it is durable and work-efficient.

 This article is all about choosing the best spin bike and the best spin bikes. After getting some ideas from this article, you might be able to purchase the best spin bike for yourself.

Factors that you should consider while buying a spin bike

  • Drive

Earlier chain-driven bikes were in trend. Chain-driven bikes were, however, slow and unsmooth. These days, belt-driven bikes are in trend, and it is much better than the chain-driven ones. Belt-driven bikes are speed, smooth, durable, sturdy, and require very little maintenance. Therefore, only purchase the belt-driven spin bikes and not the chain-driven ones.

  • Resistance

There are two resistance types in spin bikes, magnetic resistance and felt-pad resistance. The magnetic resistance type is heavier and does not push back on your joints. It is very comfortable and is the best option for those prone to knee pain. On the other hand, Felt-pad resistance requires a lot of maintenance and offers lesser levels for a ride.

  • Pedals 

Most spin bike pedals come with changeable pedals. Therefore, you can attach any pedal that you want or whichever is comfortable for you. You can have sneakers pedals like that of your childhood bicycle, or you can have dual cage SPD pedals with a cage on one side for sneakers and a spot to clip-in spin shoes on the other. There are also the triple link pedals with clip-in only. 

  • Frame 

Two types of frames are available, the aluminum and the steel ones. Steel ones are available on low price but are not long-lasting, and it starts rusting after some-time. At the same time, the aluminum frames are lightweight and require less maintenance.

The best spin bikes

  • MYX fitness bike

MYX comes with friction resistance applied to a heavy 41-pound flywheel controlled by a traditional adjustment knob.  Its adjustability is awesome because not only can you adjust the fore and aft seat and, vertical handlebar but you can also move the handlebars further or closer from the seat. It has a heavy flywheel that gives great stability when you’re up the saddle. It also has a 21.5-inch touchscreen display where all sorts of training sessions are being streamed. There is the MYX library, yoga and, cross-training sessions. You can get access to the best training sessions by purchasing a monthly subscription of just $29, which is quite affordable than other brands. It offers you a 1-year warranty as well. MYX fitness bike will cost you around $1,274. 

  • Stryde bike

It uses magnetic resistance, adjusted in a 1-100% control knob style. However, it lacks automatic resistance control and also does not have great adjustability. It does have adjustability, but you cannot move handlebars further or closer to the seat. Stryde also has a touchscreen tab where you can follow all sorts of training sessions from the US. Besides, you can also have access to video streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc., through its web browser. However, it does not have Google in it. Besides, other Peloton apps can also be loaded in this tab. Stryde bike gives you a 1-year warranty, and it costs around $1,595.

  • Nordic Track S22i

The Nordic Track S22i also uses magnetic resistance and is digitally controlled. It is very speed and smooth and has 22 levels of resistance adjustability that can be controlled even by the live instructors while in iFit classes. Its adjustability is super cool and can be adjusted in a wide range of directions. People up to 350lbs can ride this spin bike comfortably. It consists of a 22-inch high-definition touch screen display, where you can access iFit training sessions. It also offers a variable incline and declines +20% and -10%, respectively. This feature is available only in few spin bikes, making it one of the best spin bikes. It costs around $2000, and a 1-year warranty is also offered.

  • Peloton 

It also uses magnetic resistance, and its adjustability is also great. Its frame is made of carbon steel and aluminum which allows smooth and silent pedaling without any noise. With an additional dumbbell holder and water bottle holder, it has become nothing but efficient. It also has a 22 inch sweat-proof HD touchscreen. With its built-in speakers, camera and microphone, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connectivity, you have fun while riding by getting connected online with your friends. It also consists of wireless ANT+ heart rate straps connected to your device like a heart rate monitor or smart-watch through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Yoga training, cross-training, Bootcamp, etc., also streams live on this screen. For increased tracking capability, it can also seamlessly sync up with your Apple Watch. Peloton also has an online platform to watch live classes, record classes, and host your class. However, to get access to an online platform, you have to buy a subscription of $39 per month. It will cost you around $2,245 and gives you a warranty of 1 year.

  • Echelon Smart Connect Bike EX3

Echelon also comes with magnetic resistance and a built-in touchscreen. It offers 32 levels of resistance and has great adjustability. Not only handlebars and seats, but their pedals can also be adjusted. Its frame is made up of steel and has a hefty flywheel. In its in-built touchscreen, you can find the Echelon Fit app, which is loaded with instructor-led training sessions and scenic and beautiful rides filmed in wonderful locations around the world. It will cost around $880, and you will get a 1-year warranty as well. 

Although there are many other brands, the ones mentioned here are the best spin bike. However, it is up to you on which of the above mentioned or any other bikes you want to purchase. 

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