It almost seems like yesterday when digital marketing had hit the scene. And, just a few years down the road, it has become a catchword. Every prudent marketer is gradually turning a blind eye to the conventional modes of marketing and directing more and more budget to digital marketing. It is indeed a classic example of exponential growth.  

However, online marketing does not work in isolation. You need an authoritative source to fuel your promotional strategies. That is where WordPress springs into action. Think of any feature or function that is required to boost your online presence, and WordPress has it covered. 

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If you are wondering what makes WordPress stand out from the rest, you are perhaps unaware of its following benefits: 


Until recently, social media was all about endless chatter, and businesses barely rated it as a potential platform for marketing. But the table has been dramatically turned today. Stats reveal that nearly 50 percent of the customers come to terms with a new product or service through platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and so on. After looking at this number, how any entrepreneur in his mind can stay indifferent to social media marketing? 

Guess what, WordPress facilitates users to incorporate multiple social media buttons. The visitors can easily share your content with millions of people, which will lead to the formation of a greater community. Depending on the type and purpose of your website, you can place social icons in a different position to gain maximum exposure.  


When we type a command in the search box, Google comes up with a truckload of data that is divided into numerous pages. But do you know that a whopping 90 percent of the people don’t go beyond the first page? This is one reason why an increasing number of website owners are connecting to the best WordPress services for 2020

There is no denying the fact that Google is peppered with millions of websites, but you can still pull off a better ranking by opting for WordPress. Here is why Google is head over heels in love with websites powered by WordPress: 

  • Page titles and META descriptions primarily drive google results. WordPress enables you to stay on top of both these attributes with the help of a robust plugin like Yoast. 
  • Of late, an uptick has been marked in the usage of images. Google has a high regard for this practice because pictures enhance the engagement rate. Hence, search engine algorithms have begun to take image optimization into account. Well, being a WordPress user, image optimization is going to be a cakewalk for you. 
  • Google prefers fresh content because it signals that the website has not lost its luster and is still churning and burning. The best way to keep the freshness intact is by updating content frequently. Having WordPress by your side, you can do this more effectively. The reason being, you may divide this task between a large pool of editors rather than overwhelming one person with such an uphill job.     

More than 75 percent of the total internet traffic will be generated through mobiles within the next five years, notes a study. The growing footprint of smartphones is quite evident from these numbers. So if you want to put your message across to the maximum number of people in this day and age, you can’t do it without exploiting responsive themes. Again, WordPress is your best bet when it comes to reaching out to a sizeable proportion of web users. 

The platform has tons of responsive themes on offer. They can fit any device regardless of the screen size. In other words, all the visitors will observe a high-quality user experience. The cherry on the top is that the backend user experience is equally good. Unlike many other content management systems out there, you don’t necessarily have to be a tech-geek to operate and maintain a WordPress website.  


Stuff like CTA, contact forms, landing pages, and suchlike play a critical role in digital marketing. For example, if one particular type of contact form does not generate the targeted number of leads, you will have to replace it in another way. This process could be very exhaustive in a typical content management system because of excessive coding. Luckily, WordPress offers you an easy solution in the form of plugins. 

WordPress is overflowing with more than a staggering 50000 plugins. You can activate and deactivate them at your convenience.   


As you can see, WordPress is well-equipped with all the fundamental qualities deemed necessary for digital marketing. Doubtless, online marketing would never have reached its true potential if it was not adequately complemented by a feature-rich content management system like WordPress. Whether you run a start-up business or happen to be an individual blogger, a WordPress site is simply everyone’s cup of tea.     

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