Ban on Credit Card: How it can Influence Slots Players 

Ban on Credit Card

The most recent ban on credit cards went ahead on April 14th, and since then, online casino players have been thrown into a world of disarray. Indeed, it’s been an increasingly frustrating change, and already it has had some influence on the way casino games are played and have been funded. 

While the reasons behind banning the use of credit cards with an online casino are valid, it did bring a momentary dip in gambling shares and the online casino industry. However, the online casino and gambling industry soon gained back the two per cent lost since the decision to ban credit cards at the online casino was made. Read on to find out how it can influence slot players to play Wizard Slots Fluffy Favourites game.

Ban on Credit Card Impact on Slots and Online Casino 

Many people were left disappointed when the credit card ban occurred, and in the wake of the ban many weren’t able to understand why the ban was necessary. The real reason credit cards were banned in the online casino industry was to help stop problem gamblers from gambling online. 

The impact of this ban however, meant that people who enjoyed playing at an online casino and used their credit cards to do so, had to also stop. However, there have been issues with debt across the UK, and many people have high credit without the finances to fund it. If this pattern were to continue, there would be serious implications on the mental health of many players. 

Why the Credit Card Ban might be a Good thing for Online Casino 

Perhaps we could look at the ban of credit cards at an online casino through a different kind of lens. Multiple cases had been recorded of online gamblers losing everything due to getting into debt to play at an online casino. Many turned to self-harm, and even suicide as they believed it was the only way out. 

With such drastic consequences, it’s clearly a good thing credit card use with online casino payments have been banned. It can also make way for some great things in the online casino world. For instance, the first thing being that the online casino industry can be sustained better, and secondly it makes way for innovation. 

Innovative Payment Methods with Slots and Online Casino 

People are looking for new ways to pay for their slot games, nonetheless. One great way players have managed to continue with their favourite online casino games is opting for PayPal and cryptocurrencies. PayPal is a great alternative solution for online casino payments and withdrawals as it’s fast, convenient and easy. 


It can be a problem for gamblers looking to place larger or more frequent bets. These kinds of payments aren’t always permitted instantaneously with PayPal. This is where cryptocurrency swoops in to save the day. It’s a relatively new payment method that works fantastically with slots and other casino games. Overall, the influence of the credit card ban for online casino players might be a good thing.

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