Give your career an advantage with a digital marketing course

digital marketing course

Marketing and advertising techniques have received a major facelift in the last ten years. From roadside hoardings to influencer marketing, branding and marketing strategies have witnessed a major shift from offline marketing to digital marketing.

Companies and brands compete with each other today to appeal to their customers on a more personal level. From creating interesting and topical memes to collaborating with internet celebrities to provide valuable content, digital marketing strategies can truly revolutionise the way you engage with your potential customers.

A digital marketing career can allow you to express your creativity to put out engaging content and effective marketing campaigns which can boost your company’s visibility and market profits. Moreover, you can also look forward to exciting work projects and decent pay packages.

Here are some interesting career options which can you explore with a digital marketing qualification under your belt.

Product Marketing Specialists

Product marketing specialists are hired by product companies and start-ups to research the market trends and the competition. They analyse the different marketing strategies employed by market competitors and their effectiveness. They also work with the sales and advertising teams to create realistic product roadmaps.

The role requires excellent verbal and written communication skills, analytical thinking, ability to multitask, and a keen eye for detail. As per, the average annual salary for this position is around $ 69,500.

Content Marketing Specialists

Content marketing specialists research and write SEO-friendly blogs, snippets and posters that provide value and engage customers. They can also be hired to create content for landing pages, product pages, newsletters, white papers, and social media campaigns.

These professionals should have a general understanding of SEO strategies such as link building, image optimisation, and keyword centric writing. They should also be well-versed in writing and grammatical skills and should have a keen eye for line edits.

Content marketing specialists can earn up to $ 50,400 annually across the world.

Social Media Coordinators

Social media coordinators and specialists create and maintain an editorial calendar for the social media channels of the company. They decide on a consistent brand voice and tone and work with content specialists to align the existing and new content as per the brand voice. 

Their main job is to engage with the audience on different social media channels through, comments, chats and posts regularly. They also monitor and report on various social media campaigns.

Social media coordinators can earn a yearly salary of approximately $49,000.

SEO specialists

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) specialists increase the traffic on the company website and landing pages through various SEO strategies like keyword addition or back-linking. 

SEO specialists should have a thorough knowledge of SEO tools like Google Analytics and SEMrush.

SEO specialists can earn around $ 50,500 per year.

Apart from these roles, you can also go for other positions like content writers, content marketers, CRM managers, email marketing specialists and Google Analytics experts.

Pursuing a career in digital marketing can allow you to explore different career paths across diverse domains and create a lasting impact in the marketing domain. Enroll in a suitable digital marketing course part-time or full time to start your digital marketing career.

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