The Benefits of Microsoft 365 for Business

Microsoft 365

Microsoft software is still the most used suite of software used within the business sector. Despite the rise of browser-based applications like Google Docs and Google Sheet, Microsoft still reigns supreme. 

With the full suite of Microsoft 365 allowing you to write, report, present, track data, and more, it remains one of the most beneficial services for your business, regardless of its size and industry niche. 

Microsoft 365 has plenty of benefits for modern business, especially now that many are utilizing cloud technology. So, how can it help your company? Here’s a look at some of the most important benefits of Microsoft 365. 

Access Files from Anywhere

With Microsoft 365, also known as Office 365, you can access your files from any device, as long as you are signed in to your account. This is great for businesses, as it gives the option of hybrid working and aids flexibility within the workplace. For companies that need mobile and remote working to operate, the ability to access everything you need when out of the office is invaluable. 

This ability to access any file is because of cloud computing. With the cloud, files are saved on a shared server and not on your personal PC. This means you can access not just the files you’ve worked on but also your coworkers’ and employees’ documents. 

Naturally, having many of these files requires maintenance and governance to keep everything in order. To ensure that you give your staff the software and files they need, you should consider cloud governance through a specialist agency. When using cloud governance, you can improve the security of your documents and ensure that your file sharing is secure while being useful. 

Predictable Spend

Microsoft 365 is great for businesses because it’s easy to budget for since it has a consistent regular cost throughout the year. Office 365 is paid per user on a monthly basis, much like a Netflix subscription. The subscription cost depends on the level of functionality you purchase and can be changed to suit your needs. 

Secure Cloud Storage

Microsoft 365 is a super-secure ecosystem with robust security measures, meaning that your files and data are extra safe. You can even implement two-factor authentication to ensure that only authorized users can see critical content – plus, anti-malware is also built into the software. 

In essence, using cloud storage is a lot safer than having physical copies or even saving to a hard drive because recovering corrupted or deleted data is a lot easier due to the automated backup process that happens on the cloud. 


Overall, the beauty of Microsoft 365 is that it can be used for anything and has the versatility to be a useful piece of software in any industry. It’s perfect for businesses of any niche, offering software to suit graphic designers, wordsmiths, accountants, and many more professionals.

Getting Microsoft 365 can help your business grow and provides the tools employees will need to succeed while offering a secure and well-organized service. As a result, Microsoft 365 remains the most used suite of software on the market, and it’s clear to see why because of these benefits.