Many elderly people today live alone, far away from their families. There are certain tasks that they need help with, and that help has some health benefits. Almost half of the people over 65 years of age need help with their routine. It is provided by friends and family rather than professional caregivers. In the United States, for example, at least 18 million people need help with daily routine activities such as bathing, handling medication, or eating. There is a gap between those who are fine and those who are not, and these people are probably the ones that can most likely be helped with rehabilitation therapy or aids, says one rehabilitation expert. In the coming years, when the population ages, these numbers are sure to go upward. It follows that, as a society, we must do more to provide and improve senior care services for the elderly. Not only for those elderly people but also for their spouses, children, family members, and friends who help elderly people and people who are temporarily or permanently unable to function independently.

So what kind of assistance do elderly people really need?

  1. Mobility: Mobility is important for older people, even if it only takes place in their own environment. Make sure they are properly equipped for a wheelchair, motorized wheelchair, walker, or walking stick. a wider wheelchair ramp, handrail, and doorways for smooth movement around the house A hospital bed, shower chair, elevator, or tripod rod can help you get out of bed or stay safe in the shower 
  2. Medication to stay healthy :This starts with proper medical care, such as visits to the doctor, dental care, foot care, visual aids, physiotherapy and, if necessary, psychiatric therapy. A home care system may need to be added to your daily care plan.
  3. Transportation: Transportation can save an elderly person’s life. If they can no longer drive, arrange transportation to get them to and from the doctor appointments and physical therapy. It is beneficial to visit a nurse or assistant on certain days to help an elderly person do some errands, attend a social event, or see a doctor. 
  4. Personal Care: Personal care is an important daily need of a senior citizen. You may need help bathing, dressing, and grooming. The member can assist with these tasks if necessary. 
  5. Nutrition: Everyone needs proper nutrition in order to stay healthy and enjoy a comfortable life.Have a nutritionist or caregiver review a daily meal plan to determine which foods are best for that person’s lifestyle. Meals can be prepared weekly to make it easier for the elderly to warm up and have a hot meal each day to take. Make sure an elderly person is getting at least one healthy meal a day.


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