How do online casino games work?

online casino games

While many people enjoy spending time at a favourite online casino, many do not know how the whole process works.

There are many misconceptions and myths regarding online gambling and most of them are not even based on facts.

So, how do online casino games work?

For every online game there is an RNG. This stands for Random Number Generator. The main reason for this RNG is to generate random sequences every millisecond of the day, every day of the week for as long as the machine is in working condition.

Every time you spin a wheel or press a button the RNG will create a random and different set of numbers.

All new online casinos of any repute will have RNG systems. If the casino you play at does not have this, then you may want to find another one.

The numbers generated are dependent on the algorithms as well as the software the casino is using. These systems are what determines the number sequences that are created when you play games online. An interesting point to note here is that any previous spins have no effect at all on any other spin.

The bottom line in an online casino is that an RNG will return a number to whatever has asked for it. An example of this would be playing European Roulette. The wheel starts to spin and needs to stop on a number between zero and 36. The wheel asks the RNG for a number. The RNG does not care or even know who has asked for the number, it only knows that it has been asked to produce a number within a certain parameter. The number that it comes up with has the same chance of coming up as any of the other numbers in the parameter.

So, returning the zero or 3, 7, 24 or any other number all have the same chance of happening. The RNG does not differentiate between the wheel asking or the dealer asking for a number. Neither does it know what the number is for or how it will be used. It simply returns a number to whatever asks for it.

Until it is asked to return another number, the work of the RNG is done.

To sum it all up then. The only job of the RNG is to return a number in a parameter and make sure that the number it produces has the same chance of being returned as any of the other numbers in the range.

What about patterns?

Sometimes players will see the same number coming up on the roulette wheel and possibly think that they are not playing a random wheel or – worse – that the game has been fixed.

People like to see a pattern in things, it makes them feel comfortable, so players may even see patterns where there are none and this can be put down to imagination.

Random Number Generators do not have any imagination and neither do they have a memory.

Getting back to recurring numbers. If your roulette wheel generates a series of different numbers and then suddenly spews out several number tens in a row these identical numbers will stick out like a sore thumb. The sequence is not a pattern because it is still random. The number ten has the same chance of being returned as any other number on the wheel. Although this can be difficult to comprehend, the numbers generated by the RNG are simply that – random.  

What are the benefits of RNG?

The software that ensures the games have RNG must be tested rigorously before it is put into use. This is to be sure that any and every number generated is completely random and not manipulated in any way. Only after this has been done is the software declared to be fair and safe for casino use.

When you choose your online casino, you should look for the statement that the RNG has been certified by the TST (Technical System Testing).

Common myths and misconceptions

Let’s look at slot machines because these are probably the more popular games in the casino. Not only can you play cheaply, you can also be a complete novice and still enjoy them.

The machine you play the most will offer better chances of winning

Wrong! The outcome of every machine is independent of any other. The same rules apply concerning the RNG. It makes no difference if you play for hours or minutes. The winning sequence can come up at any time.

Higher denomination machines pay out better than lower ones

It is true that higher denomination games pay out more often than lower machines, but the pay-outs even though they may be high are in fact smaller in proportion to lower denomination games.  All slot games are programmed with a fixed pay-out plan whether they are high or low denomination games. These pay-out plans occur regardless of how often or seldom they are hit.

Some people can ‘see’ when a slot will pay out

Wrong! Going back to the RNG you will remember that the numbers generated can vary with every shot. The RNG does not know when a jackpot is due to be hit, neither does it have any memory of how much the jackpot is worth. Don’t be misinformed about people who know when the slot will deliver.

You can’t hit two jackpots in a row

Wrong! Going back to the RNG it is simply luck that you hit the jackpot, nothing more. The RNG does not know that it can’t return the winning numbers on the next time. In fact, this happens often. People out it down to being ‘in the know’ along with other misconceptions. They simply won because the numbers came up, nothing more, nothing less.

To sum up

Once you have gotten your head around the RNG system you will find that you look at online casino slot games in a different light. They are great fun, and it’s always great to win, but you simply cannot read the gme, predict the return or guarantee a win. Have fun and if you win – enjoy!


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