Breaking down myths about illegal online blackjack in the US


One of the most commons questions players always ask when speaking of online gambling involves one of the most popular casino games, blackjack. It is no secret that many players prefer to play online and the question about its legality is always around.

So, let´s dive into this blackjack world and clarify what does the law say about online blackjack in the US and how to find safe online casinos with live dealer alternatives as well. 

Is online blackjack legal?

Everybody who loves blackjack is willing to have this question answered once and for all, and the truth is that there is no federal law that specifically prohibits online blackjack. It is also true that it may be forbidden in some states, but no player would be persecuted for this, but the establishment which is offering this service. 

So, you can play legal blackjack for real money, safely. And where does this confusion come from? Well, unfortunately there are no clear laws and regulations for online gambling that are up to what this increasing industry needs. This is why, what we do know so far, is sometimes misunderstood.

Obviously, there are laws against illegal gambling, and banks should not accept any transaction coming form illegal online bets, but that fact does not apply for common people playing at safe and trustworthy online casinos which are extremely popular and ensure fair gambling. 

Where can I play legal online blackjack?

Fortunately, there are many safe platforms where to choose from several safe and legal online casinos. Most people who prefer blackjack as its favorite game, also look for a live dealer blackjack usa experience. And that is why finding the best choices could be a little bit risky if you are a beginner at this point.

Here´s a sneak peak to the best live blackjack online in usa, where you will find all the information needed to have an enjoyable and safe gambling experience with the most trustworthy casinos in the US. 

You will also find some awesome tips for you to make the most of your blackjack gambling time!

Why do players prefer blackjack?

 online blackjack
online blackjack

Blackjack is, for sure, one of the most popular games that you will find at any casino. Many people love this game and think that they can beat the house because is not only based on luck. Also, online blackjack tournaments have turned very popular during these last years. 

Some strategy and knowledge are needed, same happens with poker, and that is the main reason many people prefer to lose, or win, their real money anticipating their risks and not by letting fortune or a mathematic algorithm do the job by itself. 

Playing online blackjack is a completely different experience, and that is why many players prefer the live dealer option as they feel is the safest and more like Vegas way of playing this game. 

Mobile blackjack is also available and it works perfectly well with your device touch screen. 

How can I choose a safe online site for playing blackjack?

As everything on the internet, we are always wondering whether a site is safe or not, and mostly if you are going to give out our personal information and money. No one wants to get scammed by any malicious online casino and be left with no money. 

This is why there are some things you should study fists, when you decide to gamble online. 

One of the most reliable sources, are customers reviews. You should take the time to read what other people have experienced and that would be a very smart first step. 

Customer service is also a very important thing a safe online casino should offer, because if you have any question or inconvenient you would like to solve it easily and fast with an online attendant. 

Deposits and withdrawals are also two of the main concerns every player has. So, the best thing you can do, is to check the cashier instructions before you sign in at any online casino. If you prefer credit card deposits you should check out first if this option is available. 

Always remember that the best way of having a good time is to always play according to your budget possibilities. Enjoy!

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